What has MMC Learning’s 20+ year partnership with world leading qualifications provider, the Chartered Institute of Marketing brought to professional marketing and management?

MMC Learning has spent over two decades educating many thousands of marketers, significantly improving the marketing practice in thousands of organisations and elevating the best practice of marketing in the UK and abroad.

In that time, MMC also pioneered the first Digital Marketing qualification in partnership with Chartered Institute of Marketing back in 2002 and has continually innovated to improve the learning experience.

What have we learned and observed during twenty years working in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)?

Find out more below.

Who is the Chartered Institute of Marketing?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) was founded in 1911. It has over 30,000 members, including more than 3,000 registered Chartered Marketers. CIM offers 130 study centres in 36 countries, and exam centres in 132 countries.

CIM offers training courses and professional qualifications, from foundation to postgraduate or master’s degree level (EQF Level 7). In 1992, the EU declared CIM’s flagship qualification as the “preferred professional marketing qualification through member states”.

What are the benefits of studying a Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualification?

There are many benefits to the aspiring and practicing marketer and their organisation when considering a CIM course of study.

  1. CIM qualifications are the most requested marketing qualifications by employers and in marketing job specifications.
  2. IM Students themselves recognise the value of CIM qualifications. Over 75% of CIM graduates would strongly recommend a CIM qualification to another marketer.(CIM Alumni Survey).
  3. 35% of marketing leaders have a CIM qualification – the most common after a university degree (46%). (Hays).
  4. According to the CIM’s own Marketing Rewards Survey (which is published annually by leading pay and benefits consultancy Croner) the average Chartered Institute Marketing member earns around 10% more than a non-qualified member over the course of their career.
  5. With over 12,500 student members in 118 countries, CIM qualifications are recognised around the world.
  6. CIM qualifications offer a great balance of theory and practice. Most of the assessments focus on both theory and its practical application to your own organisation.

Who is MMC Learning?

Founded in 1996, MMC works in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Management Institute and Manchester Metropolitan University to deliver a range of marketing and management qualifications, supporting professional marketers at every stage of their careers.

Operating at the intersection of academia, professional accreditation and industry, MMC Learning provides a unique learning experience for its candidates and has seen many thousands successfully complete their courses and make their marketing mark on the world.

And, MMC Learning has been an accredited CIM study centre for over two decades.

What does it mean to have been an accredited CIM study centre for two decades?

In short, it means MMC Learning has successfully met exacting CIM accredited status annually for 20 years!

CIM set stringent processes for how they assess accredited centres and their annual validation checks cover:

  • A review of Centre policies
  • A review of recruitment processes
  • A review of the tutor team
  • A review the delivery processes & schemes of work
  • A review of the support processes
  • An analysis of the previous years results/ pass rates
  • An internal analysis of the Centre and planned projections for the next 12 months e.g. SWOT/KPIs
  • A Centre Complaint checks.

Why is our partnership with the world-leading awarding body Chartered Institute of Marketing so powerful?

MMC Learning students can draw upon a number of benefits because of the special relationship MMC Learning has with The CIM.

  1. The CIM commissions extensive research into the skills needs of employers. This means CIM courses of study are more attuned to what is needed in marketing roles in the world of work, equipping learners at all levels with core models and critical thinking needed to succeed.
  2. The CIM draws on hundreds of academics and industry practitioners to support the setting of standards – standards that define the structure and syllabuses of course material, the assessment protocols and what it means to achieve Chartered status.
  3. The CIM runs its own Chartered Marketer programme which members are encouraged to complete annually. This is a status conferred on a small number of professional marketers annually and marks them out for their commitment to continuing professional development and the best practice.
  4. All this is backed by MMC Learning’s superb online teaching system which has been honed over the years to include thousands of purpose built videos, interactive presentations and a host of other study materials to provide a rich digital first, learning experience.

What are our top 10 observations from over 20 years in educating marketers and managers?

  1. Knowledge is key to competitive advantage. Knowledge helps you make better, more insight-driven and confident decisions. Knowledge takes you to new places and creates new opportunities.
  2. Learning the right knowledge from experts who have time-served, real-world experience should be a priority. The internet has created many faux experts with a signature product, but you should carefully select experts who are several steps ahead of you and whose experience is most relevant to you.
  3. Learning should be viewed as a continuous, lifelong activity. At any point in your career or life, you will be entering a new stage and facing up to new challenges which will require to understand new techniques and ways of thinking.
  4. Be goal driven, identify people and communities who can help you achieve your goals and take small steps towards achieving them every day.
  5. Knowledge + practical experience create massive impact further down the line. If you’re early in your career seek to bolster your theoretical knowledge with practical experience to make yourself more valuable and desirable in professional terms.
  6. Developing a healthy self confidence is key to all aspects of professional life. Master your mindset by having a positive self mental attitude, understand your strengths and play to them. Specifically work to improve areas like productivity, strategic thinking, creativity and public speaking as they are all areas that become infinitely more important as your career develops.
  7. As part of a positive mindset, you need to understand the importance of self development and investing in yourself. Whether this means creating space to think, read and learn or take more concrete commitments, the best marketers and managers take time to improve themselves.
  8. Make the most of every experience and build a strong CV, with an emphasis on results.
  9. Successful people build networks. Build and nurture a professional network of contacts that you both learn from, can influence and collaborate with.
  10. Recognise that there is no point standing still or looking backwards. Life is going to move forward with or without you so make a plan to the best life you can.

Why is MMC well positioned to help you on your learning journey?

We’ve been consistent for twenty years. All we know is designing and delivering the best in marketing training. Always learning and improving.

We’ve invested the famed “10,000 hours” in mastering our craft. In fact, we invest 10,000 hours every year. That means we’ve made the mistakes and now only offer the very best learning experience, materials, teaching and assessment.

So, remove the risk and confidently study for internationally recognised marketing qualifications that will significantly impact your career and future prospects.

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