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What’s the difference between studying CIM with MMC and studying CIM directly?

When looking to study for a marketing qualification you’ll likely have been pointed in the direction of the Chartered Marketing Institute. Founded in 1911 the CIM is probably the best known awarding body and provider of marketing qualifiications. It has over 41,000 members worldwide and 130 study centres across 36 countries. As the leading international, professional awarding body for Marketing, for over a century it has defined professional Marketing standards in the UK and is a global champion of best Marketing practice.

Studying for a CIM qualification can provide a significant advantage in your career. A CIM qualification on your CV will place you one step ahead of the competition and likely impress potential employers.

However, if you’re considering studying a CIM qualification, you have a further decision to make. The CIM does offer their qualifications directly, but they also work with many approved study centres who partner with CIM to deliver their qualifications. 

MMC Learning has been a CIM accredited study centre for over 20 years which means we have successfully met CIM’s strict standards to achieve accredited status annually for over two decades!

Yep, the CIM doesn’t just partner with any old learning centre! CIM approved centres have to pass strict reviews and annual validation checks each year to ensure their learning delivers to CIM standards so you can be sure that with any CIM accredited centre you’ll be getting the same standard of learning.

So what’s the difference? How will your learning experience change studying with CIM directly versus learning through an approved study centre?

Much of this depends on the individual study centre, so here are the main differences you’ll find if you choose to study your CIM qualification with us at MMC vs directly with CIM.


If you study with CIM directly, you’ll have access to fantastic course content and learning materials but limited direct teaching. CIM courses are, by their very nature as purposely designed part-time online courses, fairly self-directed. However at MMC we recognise that self-study can be difficult, especially if you’re studying part-time and online and have limited marketing experience so are dealing with new concepts. Studying with us can help you get the best of your learning experience as we provide more direct live teaching and assessment guidance from the best industry tutors.

We work with experts in the marketing field and the top academic tutors such as marketing author Dave Chaffey to put our own spin on CIM courses and offer extra teaching and insights from these top professionals. You’ll also be part of a cohort so you’ll feel less alone in your learning and benefit from sharing feedback and discoveries with each other.

Experience of delivering robust e-learning courses:

Building on our expert teaching we also deliver this teaching in new and ground-breaking ways. 

The CIM might be one of the most experienced awarding bodies of marketing qualfiications but MMC Learning is one of its most experienced learning centres.

MMC prides itself on operating at the intersection of academia, professional accreditation and industry and placing developing groundbreaking methods of learning at its core.

For over 20 years we’ve consistently designed and delivered the best marketing training. In fact we also pioneered the first Digital Marketing qualification in partnership with CIM, way back in 2002 and we’ve continually innovated ever since to improve the learning experience for our students.

We invest 10,000 hours every year in in improving our craft which means we’ve made the mistakes and now only offer the very best learning experience, materials, teaching and assessment.

When you study CIM with MMC you’ll benefit from our superb online teaching system which has been honed over the years to include thousands of purpose built videos, interactive presentations and a host of other study materials to provide a rich digital first, learning experience.


While if you choose to study with CIM directly, you’ll still receive support and guidance, as a bigger organisation with thousands of students, they may be unable to give you the personalised support you need whenever and however you need it. At MMC having smaller cohorts means we are able to give you one-to one support and really get to know you and your needs as an individual. Our longstanding and close knit student team are a well-oiled machine who know how to support students like the back of their hand! No problem is too big or too small and we’ll get back to you to resolve your issue in lightning fast time.

We support you through every stage of your learning journey right from the application stage where you’ll get a personalised discovery call from a member of our team to help you decide which course is right for you, through the onboarding process when you’ll be assigned a designated student support officer and throughout your learning.

Our team also have a great relationship with the folks at CIM so we can get any issues their end sorted out pronto as well.

Extra resources and learning materials:

One of the main benefits you’ll get from studying CIM through us is a wealth of benefits in the form of extra resources and insights. Not only will you have access to all the CIM’s course materials, you’ll also be treated to twice the amount of helpful resources and learning material by accessing our resources as well.

 We’ve put together a comprehensive package of extra resources including PDF’s Ebooks, webinars with industry experts, a whole library of video content and all the marketing templates you could want.

Our video content consists of exclusive interviews with industry experts and marketing professionals, delivered In a Netflix style binge watching approach so you can access it all at once and work through at your own pace.

Only centre accredited by CIM, DMI, CMI Manchester Metropolitan University:

We didn’t just stop at one accreditation, oh no! Not only are we an approved study centre for the CIM, we’re also accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute, the Chartered management Institute and Manchester Metropolitan University!

We’ve worked with all these organisations to design content and deliver qualifications, meaning that we’re in a unique position to be able to offer insights and extra content from multiple accrediting organisations across different fields. Many of our tutors teach across our courses and can bring across relevant knowledge from other modules and specialisms. 

If you discover you want to train for a further qualification with us or switch fields, no problem! We’ve got the expertise waiting right here.

In some cases we can even offer hybrid learning across courses, allowing you access to modules that may interest or benefit you based on your personal goals. 

In summary:

In short, we have spent over two decades educating many thousands of marketers and other professionals. So, if you do choose to study a CIM qualification with us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best quality of learning.

Our powerful partnership with the CIM means we are in the best possible place to support professional marketers through CIM study and help them at every stage of their careers.

By studying with us you can remove the risk and confidently study for internationally recognised marketing qualifications that will significantly impact your career and future prospects.

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