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When Studying For A Marketing Qualification, How Do You Determine Which of the Top Accredited CIM Study Centres is the best?

Find Out Which Chartered Institute of Marketing Study Centres Are The Best For Your Next Marketing Course

It can be surprisingly difficult to establish which provider might be best for you when you are deciding to undertake a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification.

If you run a Google search you’ll be hit by a number of advertisers, a number of CIM pages and a number of reference blog posts all giving you a subjective view of why they are better than everyone else.

Which Are The Best CIM Study Centres in the UK

And it doesn’t get any easier if you elect to find a provider through the CIM website itself.

On the main site you’re asked to search using geographical, course level or type of learning filters.

Not only are you possibly not sure about which level is right for you (you might want some advice based on where you are in your career), you may not know how you want to study.

Which Are The Best CIM Study Centres in the UK

And given the way the world is right now, you probably don’t need to be tied to a local provider if face-to-face isn’t an option.

Even if it is, the learning experience depending on the rules, maybe spaced apart, behind perspex, having to test regularly to enter the building, will make for a sub-optimal learning experience.

Your research is even more difficult with over 100 CIM student centers. CIM awards the same qualification and certificate no matter where you study; however, the learning experience differs at each center. This can be a good thing because you can choose the centre that suits your needs and goals.

Choosing a CIM learning provider is one of the most important decisions you will make during your education. In fact, if you never learn how to choose a good learning provider, you may be spending time and money on a poor choice.

The Top 6 CIM Accredited Study Centres

So, in light of this challenging situation, and to help prospective CIM students work their way through the landscape of competing providers, we’ve collated a post listing the top six accredited CIM study centres.

They are all based in the UK and CIM recognises these top six due to their influence, number of students, breadth of qualifications offered, history/experience, and high pass rates.