Why has MMC Learning just achieved its highest ever CIM qualification pass rates?

MMC Learning is delighted to receive our latest pass rates for Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) course modules.

The data covers the results achieved from July’s students and taken collectively, represent the best single cohort of results we’ve ever seen.

In 6 out of 10 modules, our CIM students achieved a 100% pass rate, with another 2 out of 10 achieving 88% or higher.

Pass Rate
Applied Marketing, 100%
Planning Campaigns, 88%
Customer Insights, 100%
Digital Marketing Techniques, 100%
Marketing and Digital Strategy, 83%
Innovation in Marketing, 88%
Managing Brands, 100%
Digital Optimisation, 94%
Digital Customer Experience, 100%
Contemporary Challenges, 100%

MMC’s Course Director Helen Helen Furneaux-Knight said “It’s been a tremendous cohort and a testament to students who have committed to their studies in very challenging times”.

“We’re delighted that we’ve also achieved more high Merits & Distinctions for DCE than ever before!”

But how has MMC Learning achieved such impressive results?

We think there are a number of things that impact our student experience and the results they attain but these are amongst the most important.

1 – An industry defining student on-boarding process

We take the time, right from first contact, to really spend time understanding what are students are looking to achieve, the challenges they may be facing in achieving it and how we can make the learning experience as workable as possible. Students aren’t just a number at MMC Learning.

We operate a detailed discovery call process that allows students to deeply understand their own motivations, what is required and how they can help themselves succeed.

Every student has a relationship with a number of people on the MMC team – many of whom have been delivering our CIM experience for ten years or more.

2 – A committed approach pastoral care

Our students aren’t left to work through online content to then produce work at the end of each module. There are multiple touch points and opportunities to discuss any challenges they are facing with course leaders and tutors.

Although we were one of the first in the UK to offer CIM courses as a totally digital experience, we recognise the importance of human connectivity as part of the learning experience.

3 – A winning learning experience

MMC has invested hugely in creating materials that deliver an exceptional CIM course experience, regardless of level. MMC now offers level 3 through to level 7 (Masters level) courses of study in marketing so the content and learning portal has to be exceptional.

We deliver our courses involving a range of live, pre-recorded and hot seat sessions to ensure our students are stimulated to learn and apply from the very start to the very end of their time studying with us.

And we support CIM students with additional bonus content produced by our team and in conjunction with some of the brightest minds in the marketing industry including Dr Dave Chaffey – the leading UK digital marketing voice for over 25 years – who tutors exclusively for MMC and regularly offers guest sessions.

4 – Commitment to going the extra mile.

All of this means, MMC Learning goes the extra mile in supporting our students. We’ve innovated since first offering digital training on CD-ROM in the late 1990s to become one of the leading CIM accredited study centres.

You don’t attract and support many hundreds of students every year without having a solid and reliable experience delivered by an expert team. Like our students, we’re lucky to have such a well oiled machine.

And high pass rates as a whole – with hundreds of individual students waking up this week to news of their pass rates – is proof, if needed, that we back up our words with action.

Lily Jordan Testimonial

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