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Introduction to the Digital Marketing Qualifications

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Diploma in Digital Marketing (most popular digital qualification)

The Diploma in Digital Marketing gives you the core knowledge and skills on what digital marketing is about, the buzz words and main trends. It covers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), types of online advertising, email marketing, viral marketing, online PR, affiliate marketing and social media. It also looks at digital metrics, legislation, regulation and codes of practice.

Diploma in Digital Marketing consists of 3 Units:
Unit 1: Digital Marketing Essentials
Unit 2: Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
Unit 3: Digital Marketing Planning


Diploma in Digital Marketing (Web Analytics)

This qualification gives you essential knowledge, the buzz words and the techniques to gain insight into digital metrics and analytics. Find out more about how web sites, blogs and social networks are monitored by marketing managers. Decipher the jargon: CAWI, netnography, tagging, logfiles, sentiment, bounce rates, MROCs and DORCs. Ensure you understand web analytics, how to design online questionnaires and how to choose commercial tools.

Diploma in Digital Metrics and Analytics consists of:
Unit 1: Digital Marketing Essentials
Unit 2: Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
Unit 3: Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring


Diploma in Digital Marketing (Media and Branding)

The buzz words and the techniques to build brands both offline and online. Find out more about offline and online branding. Get behind the vocabulary to crack the acronyms: ACORN, ROMI, PESTEL and POS. Go beyond the abbreviations: SMS, MMS, SEO and RFP. Ensure you understand conversation banners, consumer psychology and models of communication. Discover how official web sites, adverts and promotional activities can complement consumer generated media to build an organisation’s assets.

Diploma in Digital Media & Branding consists of:
Unit 1: Digital Marketing Essentials
Unit 2: Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
Unit 3: Integrating Digital Media & Branding

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[showhide linktext=”Am I Exempt from any of the units?” id=”get3″]There are exemptions available for the Marketing & Consumer Behaviour unit if you have a previous CIM/CAM Qualification at level 4 or above or have a degree with a heavy emphasis on marketing.

CIM/CAM qualifications that can provide these exemptions include;
– Diploma in Marketing Communications
– Professional Certificate in Marketing
– Professional Diploma in Marketing
– Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

There are also some UK universities and their degree programmes that have been adjudged to allow exemption from the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Unit. This listing is not a CAM judgement on the quality of the UK universities or their degrees, nor is it an accreditation of any kind, and should not be read as such.

This list can be accessed here;

This is not an exhaustive list, and it is anticipated that it will change on a regular basis.

Should a qualification not appear on this listing, please consult the CAM website page for guidance concerning exemptions and how to apply. There is an Exemptions Request Form available to download or print. Please follow the process or contact CAM for more information. [/showhide]


Study Online & Try the E-Learning Lessons

[showhide linktext=”Can I try the e-learning lessons? Click here to experience them.” id=”elearning1″]The links to the lessons below will open in a new window.

Dave Chaffey

Dave Chaffey – Social Media Marketing Strategy
This is an example lesson with Dave Chaffey, UK’s best selling author on Digital Marketing – on the course he will be covering some of the key Digital Marketing Channels in 7 steps such as Search, Social Media, Email, effective website design and more.
Annmarie Hanlon

Annmarie Hanlon – Brand Image
There are a series of practical videos and live webinars which will give you a practical insights into using different channels in your Digital Marketing campaigns. For example Annmarie Hanlon will take you through setting up Facebook and Linkedin pages and ideas on how to manage communications with your community – live examples will be given on the webinars so you can make sense of how to practically implement these channels in your business.

Google – The Future of Digital by Richard Robinson, UK Director
In this video you can watch Richard Robinson, UK Director of Google speaking at UK’s leading Technology for Marketing Event. There are over 100 video seminars from Industry experts like this that you will have access through our online learning hub.

These are 3 lessons from a library of over 1500 e-learning lessons and videos you will have access to when you join with us.[/showhide]

[showhide linktext=”What do I get in the online course package?” id=”elearning2″]The course package you receive will contain everything you need to study and successfully complete the qualification.

  1. Online welcome pack and course guide
  2. Flexible online learning
  3. Online learning environment and tracking
  4. Over 1000 rich media e-learning tutorials
  5. Digital marketing expert videos
  6. Industry leading online seminars
  7. Course text books
  8. Dedicated course and daily support
  9. Experienced e-Tutors
  10. Frequent Start Dates
  11. [/showhide]
[showhide linktext=”Who are the tutors and industry experts?” id=”elearning4″] [dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Mike Berry” jobtitle=”International Speaker and Trainer” link=”” align=”left”]Mike is a Senior Examiner at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Course Director at the Institute of Direct Marketing and his experience includes Procter & Gamble, Wunderman and Draftfcb (Interpublic) working with many of the world’s biggest brands in Digital, Direct and Integrated Marketing.[/dmq_tutor_holder][dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Dave Chaffey” jobtitle=”CEO and UKs leading Digital Marketing Author” link=”” align=”right”]Author of five successful business books including Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice; E-business and E-commerce Management, eMarketing eXcellence and Total E-mail Marketing. Dave’s books have been translated into Chinese, Dutch, Germany, Serbo-Croat and Italian.[/dmq_tutor_holder]
[dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Annmarie Hanlon” jobtitle=”Digital Media Strategist, Trainer & Author” link=”” align=”left”]Author of Quick Win Digital Marketing and iPhone App. Managing Director of Evonomie Ltd, an independent marketing company that specialises in providing expert, impartial marketing advice to clients working in business-to-business service industries.[/dmq_tutor_holder][dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Marie Page” jobtitle=”Digital Marketing Author, Lecturer & Tutor” link=”” align=”right”]A senior digital marketer with significant experience of a wide range of contemporary marketing approaches including social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging), e-newsletters, email marketing, online PR, e-commerce, analytics and SEO[/dmq_tutor_holder]
[dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Chris Rourke” jobtitle=”User Experience Specialist” link=”” align=”left”]Chris has worked in usability, accessibility, human computer interaction (HCI) and ergonomics for over 20 years. His company User Vision has an enviable client list and a reputation for practical user centred design services across all digital platforms including interactive TV, software and mobile.[/dmq_tutor_holder][dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”David Edmundson-Bird” jobtitle=”Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing” link=”” align=”right”]A thought leader in Digital Marketing – Experienced educator in the corporate business area, with a current focus in the area of digital marketing. Direct experience in contemporary marketing industry.[/dmq_tutor_holder]
[dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Jeff McCarthy” jobtitle=”Senior Lecturer in Digital Retail” link=”” align=”left”]Specialist with over 15 years in Ecommerce, Eretail, Mcommerce, interactive and direct marketing in B2B and B2C environments. Jeff is currently researching impact of social media on football clubs.[/dmq_tutor_holder][dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Andrew Sherratt” jobtitle=”Principal and Senior Examiner” link=”” align=”right”]Andrew has many years teaching experience combined with business training and consultancy. A Chartered Marketer and an active member of CIM at branch level having previously been Chair of the Mid Yorkshire branch.[/dmq_tutor_holder]
[dmq_tutor_holder img=”” name=”Nigel Bradley” jobtitle=”Market Research Author” link=”” align=”left”]Expertise includes reviewing research design, questionnaires, proposals; tutoring Marketing and examining for a number of education and professional UK awarding bodies such as MRS, CAM and CIM.[/dmq_tutor_holder]

Keynote & Industry Experts

[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Richard Robinson” jobtitle=”Industry Leader, Google” link=”” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Ian Carrington” jobtitle=”Director of Mobile & SOcial Advertising Strategy, Google Mobile” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]
[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Ariel Eckstein” jobtitle=”Managing Director, EMEA, LinkedIn” link=” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Phuong Nguyen” jobtitle=”Head of Diplay Advertising, Ebay UK” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]
[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Ben Mein” jobtitle=”Commerical Director, O2 WIFI” link=”” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Neira Jones” jobtitle=”Head of Payment Security, Barclaycard” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]
[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Paul Vallez” jobtitle=”Senior Director, Wordwide Search, HP” link=”” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Floris de Kort” jobtitle=”CEO eCommerce, WorldPay” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]
[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Phil Smith” jobtitle=”CEO, Cisco UK” link=”” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”David Coplin” jobtitle=”Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]
[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Rick Osterloh” jobtitle=”VP Product and Design, Skype” link=”” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”John Engates” jobtitle=”CTO, Rackspace” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]
[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Steve Wing” jobtitle=”Business Director Mobile, The Guardian” link=”” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Charlie Hunter-Schyff” jobtitle=”Head of Planning, O2 Media” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]
[dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Mark Zablan” jobtitle=”Managing Director, Experian” link=”” align=”left”][/dmq_keynote_holder][dmq_keynote_holder img=”” name=”Jon Myers” jobtitle=”Director, Account Management, Yahoo!” link=”” align=”right”][/dmq_keynote_holder]


Assessment & Course Schedule

[showhide linktext=”What assessment support will I get?” id=”course0″]You will have access to professional e-Tutors, who will guide you through your assessment preparations. This will be delivered through in-depth assignment briefings, which break down the assignments in detail as well as providing you the opportunity to tackle your specific challenges through interaction.

In addition to this you will be able to submit draft work to a tutor, who can provide you with detailed inline feedback to help you effectively plan and move towards a successful outcome on your assessments

[showhide linktext=”How will I get assessed?” id=”course1″]All units are assessed by written assignment based on your organisation or an organisation of your choice.

This will give you the opportunity to integrate your new digital knowledge into real life situations allowing you to walk away at the end of the course with some real and tangible results.[/showhide]

[showhide linktext=”Can I see an example of an assignment brief?” id=”course2″]This a real assignment brief – don’t let it scare you as we provide you with lots of guidance and the availability of one to one Tutor support via draft assignment feedback to help you understand the brief requirements.

Example Assignment for the Diploma in Digital Marketing Unit 1
[showhide linktext=”Can I see an example of a course calendar?” id=”course3″]All your learning is online and below is an example course calendar for one of the units.

Example Schedule for the Diploma in Digital Marketing Unit 1
[showhide linktext=”How long does the course take?” id=”course4″]
  • The full Diploma can take from 6 to 12 months depending on how much time you spend studying each week.
  • Individual short Awards can take 3 to 4 months.
  • You will have some flexibility in changing the calendar for example you may work more hours in one week to allow you to accommodate for work, family or holiday commitments in the future.



[showhide linktext=”Who is the qualification accredited by?” id=”accred1″]The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the leading international professional marketing body with some 41,000 members worldwide. First established in 1911, it has for over a century, defined the marketing professional standards that operate in the UK and is the global champion of best marketing practice.

CIM exists to develop the marketing profession, maintain professional standards and improve the skills of marketing practitioners, enabling them to deliver exceptional results for their organisations. It does this by providing membership, qualifications, CPD and training to marketing professionals and businesses around the world.

The Digital Marketing Qualifications are awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and accredited by the CAM Foundation (a specialist awards department of CIM). To study one of these qualifications you will need to become a member of CIM.

Being a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) will help you stand out from the crowd no matter where you are in your career. With over 100 years of experience, CIM can help you get the most out of marketing.
Whether it’s through sharing knowledge, bringing you together with the right people or providing practical advice, CIM membership benefits can help you take the next step. [/showhide]

[showhide linktext=”Is this qualification for me & why should I study for a CMI qualification?” id=”accred2″]If you are looking to gain the knowledge underpinning the principles of digital marketing as well as practical skills and advice provided by industry leaders then the answer is – YES.

Digital marketing has evolved from a peripheral element of organisational marketing to one which is at the heart of customer-centric communications in an increasingly multi-channel environment. These qualifications will ensure that you are equipped to deal with this shift, ensuring ongoing success in the digital arena.

These courses are designed for business professionals who seek to gain specialist knowledge in the area of digital marketing. There are currently professional students on these courses from a range of backgrounds, from small to large companies, public to private sector from different industries.

Many recognisable and prestigious organisations have already led the way in enrolling for these top qualifications including Hewlett Packard, Bell Pottinger, PWC, HSBC, IBM, UNICEF, British Council and a range of Universities and Councils.[/showhide]


Cost & Finance Options

[showhide linktext=”How much does the qualification cost?” id=”finance1″] For the latest pricing, go to the enrolment form.

[showhide linktext=”I am personally paying for this course. Can you help me?” id=”finance2″]If you are funding the course yourself as an individual, please get in touch with us to explore the options available on[/showhide]


Student Experiences

[showhide linktext=”Kate Aldridge” id=”student0″][/showhide]
[showhide linktext=”Samantha Tonge” id=”student1″][dmq_quote_holder img=”” name=”Samantha Tonge” jobtitle=”Strategic Marketing Leader” align=”left”]‘I have switched colleges…I’m now with MMC Learning and they seem an awful lot more professional and on the ball. I would definitely recommend them if they do the course you’re after.’[/dmq_quote_holder]
[showhide linktext=”Stuart Reed” id=”student2″][dmq_quote_holder img=”” name=”Stuart Reed” jobtitle=”Senior Consultant” align=”left”]‘I just wanted to say thanks for such a professionally run course. The structure and approach was first class. Please also forward my thanks to the tutor whose guidance to approaching the case studies was invaluable.’[/dmq_quote_holder]
[showhide linktext=”Wendy Hughes” id=”student3″][dmq_quote_holder img=”” name=”Wendy Hughes” jobtitle=”Marketing and Communications Professional” align=”left”]‘I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you and the team know how valuable I have found this week’s module on Search Marketing. It’s so relevant to what I do at work and it has been extremely enjoyable!’[/dmq_quote_holder]
[showhide linktext=”Sarah Martin-Tyrrell” id=”student4″][dmq_quote_holder img=”” name=”Sarah Martin-Tyrrell” jobtitle=”Marketing Executive” align=”left”]‘The online learning environment is absolutely great I cannot speak more highly of it! It suits my lifestyle perfectly and is great with the live course tutor. I think this is a invaluable learning tool, it juts like being in a classroom (and on a Saturday morning learning feels much better in your slippers & a cup of tea’[/dmq_quote_holder]
[showhide linktext=”Rene Power” id=”student5″]

[dmq_quote_holder img=”” name=”Rene Power” jobtitle=”Business Development Director” align=”left”]‘There are a number of benefits to studying online…the ability and flexibility of studying in your own time, particularity if you have a very demanding job. One of the reasons I chose the course with MMC was because it was accredited by the CIM and also contributed hours towards continued professional development, allowing me to use it to become a chartered marketer. The impact of the course on my day-to-day work has been very significant…I needed to be able to talk more knowledgeably and credibly about digital marketing to my clients and to bring the confidence of my team up a level. I would really recommend the course at MMC Learning to anybody who wants to get a head start in digital marketing.'[/dmq_quote_holder]


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