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60% of CIM graduates are more respected at work or given more responsibility.

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Do you want to increase your salary?


Over a third of CIM graduates get promoted or receive a pay rise within 12 months of graduating.

CIM Alumni Survey

Do you want a promotion?


Experts say CIM’s qualifications are what most HR departments and seasoned marketing Directors are looking for.

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Underpins your university degree with practitioner experience, improving your employability

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Your CV

Enhance your CV, helping you to stand out in a competitive recruitment market.

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After university degree, CIM qualifications are the most sought after by employers.

Brand Recruitment, Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey 2019/2020

“If you’re not learning, you’re not reaching your potential”
– Jim Rohn

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Where are you right now?

  • The world events over the last 12 months may have had a direct impact on your role.

  • Maybe you are in a role with barriers stopping you from progressing and getting promoted.

  • Maybe you have a good level of experience but don’t have an official qualification to back it up.

  • Maybe you’re just getting started in a management role and lacking the right knowledge and insights to do the job effectively.

  • Perhaps you have not had a chance to study, invest in yourself and grow into a Marketing management role.

Where could you be in the future?

  • Imagine if you had a professional qualification on your CV and the relevant knowledge to navigate through an uncertain future.

  • What would it mean to you, if you could develop a strategic plan for your organisation? 

  • What if you had the transferable skills to work in any industry and any management role?

  • Imagine if you could speak the “management/board level” language to steer the senior management team and influence the people around you.

  • How you would feel if your personal confidence was at a level where you could easily progress in a Marketing management role.

At MMC, we have been educating Marketers for the last 20 years through online learning and are very well placed to help you navigate through the tough times ahead.

Key information points

How long does it take to complete?

A module award can take from 1-3 months and the full diploma can take from 6 -12 months depending on how much time you dedicate to studying each week. You should plan to spend around 4-6 hours per week + further time to prepare for your assessment.

There is some flexibility built into your schedule so you can study around urgent work priorities, holidays and important family events.

What does the Diploma in Marketing cost?

There are two parts to the cost:

MMC course fees – Course/tuition fees payable to MMC Learning which provides you with a comprehensive package of study materials and support. (starting from £621 per module)

CIM membership/assessment fees – Registration/membership and assessment fees payable to the Chartered Institute of Marketing. (£65 for registration and £190 per module for assessment)

Will you be personally funding the qualification?
MMC wants you to be successful in gaining your Marketing/Digital qualification.  Part of our service is to offer funding & support options so cost is no longer a barrier to your success. If you do not have support from your company to finance this course, there are partial scholarships available. Register to find out more.

How have previous students got a return on the above investment?

  • Getting promoted within their current company
  • Applying for higher-level positions in other organisations
  • Significant savings through finding more cost-effective ways of implementing Digital campaigns
  • Finding a completely new career direction

How is the Diploma delivered?

  • Online learning – 100% distance learning through an advanced learning platform built by MMC.  Access hundreds of high-quality video learning lessons and download quick reading, knowledge PDF documents.

  • Attend live webinars and join group discussion streams.

  • Expert tutor support – assignment briefing webinars & submit your draft work for each module for direct feedback

  • One-to-one support – dedicated team with quick responses supporting you on your learning journey
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What is the assessment methodology?

You are required to pass 3 modules to gain a Diploma in Professional Marketing. Modules are assessed by three written assignments based on an organisation of your choice.

We have a team of experienced tutors who will provide the essential support and guidance you need through live/recorded webinars, draft feedback and one-to-one support.

Are you paying for the qualification yourself?

We understand that this could be a big investment for some of you so we have developed ways to make it more affordable.

  • Payment plans
  • Learning credit vouchers
  • Scholarships
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A unique offering for anyone looking to enrol with MMC Learning

At MMC, we have gone much further than providing you with a qualification – we are bringing 10 times more learning content and insights from UK experts and industry leaders to give you the knowledge to influence and make a real impact in your sector.

This will give you confidence and transferable skills to walk into any marketing role with a solid platform to enable success.

  • Bonus: Access over 200 video seminars from keynote industry leaders giving you real-world insights providing you with the latest thinking to plan for the future
  • Bonus: Practical insights webinars, masterclasses & templates delivered by practitioners-consultants going hands-on, very useful if you are involved in launching marketing campaigns

What are the topics covered on the Diploma in Professional Marketing?

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“Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.”
― Terry Goodkind

Should you study the Diploma in Professional Marketing now or later?

  • Commit to investing in yourself now and learn as much as you can before your skills become redundant.

  • Reduce the chances of your role coming to a halt and stay relevant in the Digital world.

  • Position yourself now to be ready to take on new opportunities, when they come up.

  • Advancing your knowledge is the passport to your future success in your Management role. Start building your brain muscles so you are a stronger Marketer in the future.

  • In one years time, you will be wishing you had started sooner.

How can we (MMC Learning) help you?

We have been educating Marketers for the last 20 years.  Thousands of Marketing professionals, managers and directors have been able to take their new knowledge to progress onto new roles, gain new contracts and re-think how existing business can be done better.

MMC is a joint venture company based at Manchester Metropolitan University and is a leading distance learning centre for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) which means you will get an official, recognised certificate from the CIM when you pass – giving you the ultimate career and employer credibility.

What our students say

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