Important advice for finding the right learning provider for the MSc in Digital Marketing

Choosing an education provider that works for you. Watch 4min video below to help you on your journey.

Do Your Research

How do you choose where to study a Masters in Digital Marketing? It’s a big question. There’s a lot out there to choose from. The first piece of advice I’d give you is doing your homework. I’d be looking at the value propositions for different courses and thinking, “So what is the benefit of this one versus this one and this one?” and there are a lot, there are probably 20 or 30 courses, if not more. If you then look outside of the United Kingdom and think internationally about some of the other universities that are offering online courses.

What Are You Looking For?

You need to look at it in terms of your own career development too. Do these courses that you are looking at, offer the opportunity to go into depth into one or more area that you’re really interested in? You would expect to see the course cover things like search engine optimisation, but is it also stretching you as a digital marketer? Is it covering areas such as innovation and contemporary models and theories of innovation? As a digital marketer you need to question, do I really think that I’m pigeonholing myself just as somebody who only works in search engine optimisation, or do I want to think a little longer term? If you’re thinking longer term, then what it’s about is expanding your knowledge. So look for the courses that are strongly rooted in digital.

“The people who are going to benefit you most, are the people who’ve actually done it”

In digital marketing, it’s all too easy to talk about the theories, the models and the frameworks. The important bit is when the rubber hits the road. What happens when you have to take that framework and you have to really make it work within an organisation? You can think about it, you can write about it, you can even write textbooks about it, but the people who are going to benefit you most, are the people who’ve actually done it. Done it for real, done it for business, made it work, made money out of it for their clients. These are the people you want on your masters.

Make sure that the people who are working on these programmes are the experts. There should always be an expert paired with an academic. The expert is tried and tested beyond all compare, they can bring real examples and help to bring that to life because you need to be applying what you learn. Just be careful of that and make sure you do your due diligence there and ask those questions if they’re not being answered.