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You will get unlimited access to the playbacks and slides in this package. Here are some topics that are sure to shake things up!

  • How to speak with authority by changing your voice. The 4B model for speaking like a TV presenter. Presented by Nicola Dodd, Corporate trainer and drama coach (15+ years experience).

  • Stephanie Sturgess, Executive Coach (20+ years experience), presents Developing Emotional Intelligence to Higher Levels.

  • Andrew Ramwell, Business Mentor & Thought Leader (22+ years experience), reviews the principles of success.

  • An executive leader with over 30 years experience, Malcolm Johnston, developed a 4M Leadership model.

  • Dr. Dave Chaffey, Marketing Guru and UK Author (26+ years experience), will deliver Digital Trends 2023.

Dr. Dave Chaffey

Nicola Dodd

Andrew Ramwell

Stephanie Sturgess

Malcolm Johnston

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With over two decades of experience, MMC Learning has educated thousands of Marketers, improved Marketing practices in thousands of organisations, and elevated Marketing practices both in the UK and internationally.

During that time, MMC pioneered the first Digital Marketing qualification in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2002 and has continually innovated to improve learning.

MMC, a joint venture at Manchester Metropolitan University, specialises in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Management, and Leadership qualifications accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute, and Chartered Management Institute.

As the first learning centre in the world to bring these qualifications together and create an extensive video library with subject matter experts, MMC wants to help build the next generation of Leaders and Marketers.

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