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MMC adds AI to our Online Content Marketing Mastermind Programme.

Get ready to elevate your content marketing game to the next level! MMC Learning is thrilled to announce the integration of AI into our Online Content Marketing Mastermind Course.

With all the news flying around in recent months about Chat GTP and the raw potential of AI technologies, particularly when it comes to content production, it can be hard to wrap your head around just what this means for your business.

The world of marketing is changing at a remarkable rate, mostly thanks to these recent innovations in AI. Software like Chat GTP can be used to create landing pages, write blog posts and even craft emails in a matter of seconds!

At times it can feel like the only thing anyone’s talking about is that you should use X, Y or Z software, but you might be a little lost as to how!

Never fear, MMC learning has got you covered!

Introducing the all new and improved Content Strategy, Creation and AI Mastermind!

What is the Content Strategy, Creation and AI Mastermind?

Building on the success of last year’s brilliant course, we’re once again running our popular Crack your Content Mastermind.

This 6 Week short course condenses everything you need to know about Content Strategy and Creation into six weeks of productive sessions, allowing you to create and consolidate an effective content strategy for your business across 10 informative classes.

And this year, we’re adding AI to the curriculum! No content Mastermind would be complete without a crash course in the latest AI and its various uses and applications. If you’re looking to learn how AI could benefit your marketing efforts and want to integrate AI into your content strategy then this is the short course for you!

In just 6 weeks, not only will you have crafted a tailored content strategy and plan for your business, but you’ll also have a deeper understanding of how the marketing industry is changing and how AI can be used to assist and even perfect your marketing efforts. AI could be your biggest ally when it comes to developing a successful content marketing strategy and our marketing experts can offer tailored advice on just what software might be right for your organisation.

What will I learn on the Content Strategy, Creation and AI Mastermind?

The mastermind short course is designed to help you create an effective Content Strategy, a plan for successfully implementing the strategy across your Digital platforms and a plan for where you might introduce AI to assist in both producing content for and implementing your strategy.

Across 10 live 90 minute interactive sessions, held twice a week at lunchtime, Rene Power and Geraint Holliman, two of the UK’s most respected thinkers in the Content Marketing field, will be taking you through the ins and outs of content strategy and creation so that you can benefit from their many years of wisdom. They’ll also be giving their take on the best new AI softwares which could revolutionise your marketing campaigns.

You’ll plan specific content pieces to be used in your content marketing campaign and get direct feedback on your individual work as well as learn how to create a content marketing strategy for your company and ensure your content marketing is planned and distributed to deliver the best possible engagement for your company.

You’ll also benefit from being part of a close-knit group who can offer peer feedback and individual insights from their various industries- and of course, learn how to use emerging AI technologies to create more efficient and successful content and strategy.

Schedule – 

  • Week 1: Onboarding
  • Week 2: Digging into your customers world
  • Week 3: Mapping content to buyer journey
  • Week 4: Creating content pillars
  • Week 5: Creating and managing content marketing
  • Week 6: Utilising AI technologies to efficiently create and distribute content

Meet the teachers!

Geraint Holliman

Geraint Holliman is a digital marketing specialist and alumni of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. As a Chartered Marketer he has extensive international experience in both client and agency-side roles including 14 years as an agency Managing Director. 

He is well-versed in traditional Marketing methods and fundamentals as well as the very latest in digital marketing technologies with an MSc in Digital Marketing Communications majoring on B2B Content Marketing. He has broad multi-sector and multi-channel experience across B2C and B2B operations including new business acquisition and existing client development.

He now works as a consult roles on marketing operations and transformation projects focusing on content marketing, brand planning and strategy together with marketing training and mentoring. 

MMC Learning have worked closely with Geraint for many years and we’re constantly learning something new from his many words of wisdom! We’re delighted to welcome him back for what promises to be another productive content mastermind course!

Rene Power

MMC Learning’s resident marketing guru, Rene Power is the CMO, B2B marketing consultant and a widely-respected marketing trainer. Across his 25 year career, he’s traveled around the world delivering marketing communications training in a range of sec