Behind the scenes on a video learning shoot at MMC Learning

Chartered Institute of Marketing revised its syllabus, so we decided to update the online course in a new format and style. Our team is pleased to announce that this is now live.

In place of updating the existing content, we decided to build all of the CIM qualifications from scratch. With an investment of over £200K, more than 30 people (tutors, writers, cameras, interviewers, editors, developers) have been involved in this project.

As a result of our passion for helping Marketers, Managers, and Leaders succeed, we have invested in creating the world’s best online course.

Although we could have simply updated the existing material, we didn’t, and the journey has been challenging with a lot of moving parts.

Watch the 2min video below, going behind the scenes with our expert tutors talking about how the content was put together.

  • Engaging videos, which are both fun to watch and challenging the subject matter

  • Wide range of resources, not just to deliver course content but to provide templates that can be used in the day-to-day role of a Marketer

  • Highly responsive team of course managers and tutors to provide support on assessments

  • Powerful and flexible online learning environment that is also compatible with your mobile device

In order to make this happen, all MMC staff have worked very long days in the studio and many weekends of video editing.

Watch the 5min video below on how the MMC team has worked together to make the magic happen:

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