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Time to dig into content and conversion?

Our recent masterclass with Dr Dave Chaffey made us realise how important content and conversion is to marketing professionals today.

But the rate and pace of change in marketing – and specifically the rise to prominence of good, well targeted content that meets customer needs and motivates them to take action – makes it an incredibly challenging aspect of marketing to master.

The reality is businesses are struggling to cut through the noise and are struggling to create and distribute content that attracts and converts. And all levels of the marketing function have to step up.

If you’re leading a function and reporting to the C-suite, you’re responsible for the strategy. 

You’re responsible for the message and identifying how the story of your business and how it transforms the lives of customers and makes a difference in the world is squarely on your shoulders. 

If you’re managing the output and performance of the team, you need to bring that strategy to life and hit key marketing metrics. 

You’re responsible for making the connection between delivering against the strategy and hitting key business markers and making the best use of organisational assets.

If you’re responsible for creating and delivering content from a marketing communications perspective, you’re right at the coal-face interacting with customers. 

You’re responsible for creating insightful, engaging and alluring content that draw potential customers into your world.

At any level, it is a huge amount to take on. 

And fortunately, because of the success of the session with Dave, we’ve created something to help you.

Content and Conversion Marketing Summit – 16th March, 2022


On Wednesday 16th March, 2022 we’re inviting you to join us for a very special content marketing summit

Three of our experienced marketing professionals and trainers – Geraint Holliman, Mike Berry and Rene Power – are leading sessions designed to help align strategy to your organisation’s goals, and strategy to tactics to ensure your content marketing efforts in 2022 reach greater heights.

Find out more here.

Each session is available separately or you can attend all three and spend a whole day setting strategy, creating implementable plans and focusing in on content creation and improvement.

Masterclass ONE, 9.30 am – 11.30 pm (GMT) 

Content Marketing Strategy Masterclass – Geraint Holliman

This session aimed at senior marketers and those interested in strategy includes how to create a content marketing strategy for your company, how to ensure your content marketing is planned and distributed to deliver effective propositions and developing content marketing campaigns.

Masterclass TWO, 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm (GMT)

Advanced Tactics for Writing Copy for Conversion on Websites – Mike Berry

This session aimed at managers includes customer journey and moments of truth, developing a style that persuades, engages, informs, and entertains website visitors, the critical elements of an effective landing page, writing headlines of the landing page v. strong CTAs and more.