MMC Learning announces new partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and launches four specialist qualifications

At MMC Learning we’re no stranger to forming partnerships. Having been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University, and more recently the Chartered Management institute (CMI) for many years, we understand the power of collaboration.

MMC prides itself on operating at the intersection of academia, professional accreditation and industry in order to pool the best resources and provide a unique, high-quality learning experience for its candidates – which positively impacts their careers and organisations.

And now in a world first, one of the leading CIM accredited study centres and university MSc level providers, now adds quick to complete practitioner based Digital Marketing qualifications for those needing fast, practical tuition.

And that’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest exciting partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

Who is the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)?

The DMI is an awarding body of digital marketing qualifications formed in 2009 with the aim of supporting marketers to achieve and realise their full potential.

Championing values of collaboration, customer satisfaction, accountability, respect and enthusiasm, DMI is on a mission to progress the careers of digital marketers globally. Working with top brands to build their courses, they’ve created some of the world’s best Digital marketing training courses. DMI qualifications reflect the latest developments in the industry, ensuring the professional growth of students.

At the core of DMI’s work is industry research and identification of trends, which enables them to contribute to insights for the industry as well as build courses to shape the workforce of the future and help digital marketers excel.

Today DMI has set the global standard in Digital Marketing Certification, having gained 200,000 members worldwide and certified over 40,000 Digital Marketers through its extensive marketing qualification portfolio.

The DMI is now the global authority on digital marketing capability, having trained professionals across 115 countries.

What DMI courses are MMC offering?

The DMI accredits a range of qualifications catering to Digital Marketers at every stage in their career.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to secure a new Digital Marketing role, there are a wide variety of DMI courses to help everyone achieve their goal, be that learning a new skill, or bagging that promotion!

We’re delighted to reveal that MMC will be partnering with DMI to offer 4 highly relevant qualifications and pleased to be able to offer our learners these world-class courses which will teach them the very latest in digital know-how.

Here are the 4 DMI accredited qualifications, now available to study at MMC Learning.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)

DMI Certified Digital Marketing Qualification

Already the world’s most recognised Digital Marketing course, this groundbreaking qualification includes 30 hours of online self-paced study and up to 24 weeks to complete with the average candidate getting their qualification within 8-10 weeks.

The course includes key Digital Marketing disciplines from Pay Per Click to Search Engine Optimisation, and from content creation to video and social media campaigns and how to measure their success using analytics.

This course is perfect for career switchers, business owners and digital marketing professionals seeking to increase their confidence and boost their skillset.

Candidates finish their studies armed with the know-how, experience and insights to progress in this fast-paced industry. Validated using robust online assessments, completing the professional diploma demonstrates an extensive understanding of the discipline standing you in good stead with potential employers.

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Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist

Taking around 25 hours to complete online over a period of up to 24 weeks, and measured through online assessment, this social media marketing course develops specialist-level knowledge of social media marketing.

Candidates receive detailed dedicated training in specific subject matter within the digital domain including the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. The course will deep dive into each platform and is perfect for those looking to fully grasp the complexities of the social media landscape.

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Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Search Marketing Qualification

Over 30 Hours of Online learning over a 24-week period, candidates gain a Professional Certification and become a Certified Search Marketing Specialists.

Learning directly from a top SEO expert (Neil Patel), candidates get specialist Level training and develop a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Narrowing the focus down to concentrate on Search marketing, the course will guide candidates through topics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), paid search (PPC), Google Ads (Adwords), Microsoft Ads, and Analytics.

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Certified Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing strategy Qualification

This Digital Marketing Strategy Course helps candidates become Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialists.

Candidates spend around 30 Hours studying online over 24 weeks undertaking in-depth learning on topics such as leadership, digital channel management, resource allocation and strategy formulation, providing a detailed strategic framework that can take forward to implement in their organisation.

This makes the Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning certificate a good pathway for experienced Digital Marketing professionals looking to drive their careers and business forward.

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