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Where are you now?

  • Are you working in a full-time role and feel tied down in a place where your skills are not valued?

  • Perhaps you are fed up of working fixed or long hours which is limiting the lifestyle you want and also not getting paid what you deserve?

  • Maybe you have already started the freelance/consulting journey and finding it a struggle to capture all the new Digital opportunities around you?

Where could you be?

  • Free yourself to work with many different clients and products that interest and inspire you.

  • Imagine if you could work on your own terms – time & money.

  • Get the opportunity to invest time into your personal learning and make an impact for the clients you work for.

Why take ACTION now?

  • We have been educating Marketers for over 20 years and we have never seen a time like this where skilled Digital Marketers are in high demand.

  • The majority of companies are behind with Digital Marketing – the gap is getting wider and there are massive opportunities.

  • Employers are now spending more money on Freelancers/Consultants – budget spend on outsourcing Marketing is set to grow in billions across the next 10 years.

How can we help you?

After spending almost two decades in educating Marketers, we are taking everything we know and investing it in building learning resources and tools to help Freelancers & Consultants.

Our purpose and passion are to help Marketers succeed (personal growth, lifestyle & income) – join us on our mission!

Pathway ONE – get the knowledge and tools to succeed

Accredited by the world’s largest institute of Marketing Professionals

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the leading international professional marketing body with some 41,000 members worldwide. First established in 1911, it has for over a century, defined the marketing professional standards that operate in the UK and is the global champion of best marketing practice.

Pathway TWO – get qualified in Digital Marketing

Free online Masterclass schedule

Masterclass ONE
7 Actions to become a successful freelance Digital Marketer in the next 12 months (tbc)

Masterclass TWO
What is your BHAG? Set goals that propel you into action (tbc)

Masterclass THREE
Expert panel – learn from successful freelancers/consultants (tbc)

Masterclass FOUR
Productivity hacks – work smarter, get things done is less time (tbc)

Masterclass FIVE
How to package and sell your Digital Marketing services (tbc)

Masterclass SIX
Do you know yourself? Personality profiling to gain competitive advantage (tbc)

Masterclass SEVEN
Positioning yourself for new freelancers/consultants (tbc)

Live online Masterclass presenters

Imran Farooq
Imran FarooqCEO & Digital Specialist
Over 20 years of educating Marketers & generated millions of pound worth of revenue for clients through consulting.
Martin Robert-Hall
Martin Robert-HallHigh Performance Coach, Speaker & Author
Specialist in the psychology of high performance, consulting top athletes, organisations and ambitious individuals. Recognised by Sir Alex Ferguson & author of two books.
Helen Furneaux-Knight
Helen Furneaux-KnightCourse Director
15 years experience in helping Marketers to get qualified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
Damien Qualters
Damien QualtersFacebook Marketing Expert & Author
Very experienced freelancer providing Facebook Ads, Google PPC and Marketing Automation to businesses across the world.
Dave Chaffey
Dave ChaffeyAuthor & Digital Strategist
Leading Digital Marketing book author, consultant and recognised as a Marketing Guru.
Mike Berry
Mike BerryDigital Marketing Lecturer / Trainer / Consultant / Author
Currently travelling the world teaching Marketers in 20 different countries. Author of Digital Marketing success cases studies.
Gemma Pybus
Gemma PybusCopy Writer, Data Analyst & Social Media Consultant
Specialist in helping SMEs become more effective through data-driven decision making.
James Pybus
James PybusSEO Specialist
Been consulting for businesses since SEO was first invented!

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