Competitor analysis for marketing plans: Evaluating external risks 

This short five minute video podcast gives you in an insight into building effective competitive assessment when creating marketing plans.

Note: It is a snippet from a longer conversation and is being used here to help blog readers think about competitive assessment only.

Are you giving yourself the best possible chance of competitive success?

Putting ourselves in that role of a head of digital innovation, we are elevating ourselves above the need to simply look at our competitors from a marketing perspective, which of course we do on a regular basis.

So this is about the macro environment, if you like, and we need to ask ourselves these three questions. I thought this was quite good because what it’s doing is it’s forcing you to maybe think a little deeper than we might usually. And also, to not make assumptions and take for granted potentially what we already know.

1. Competitive threat

We need to understand how threatened we are by the competition. I think that that can be on a