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Interview with Angelica (watch video part II)
Target audience and metrics – From ZERO to 90k followers in 3 months 

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Angelica found a gap in the Italian market and figured that it would be a great idea to fill this gap. Her channel’s followers are mainly Italians and majority females. However, she has now adapted her strategy and now aims to cater for both genders.

Each platform has its own analytics service. According to Angelica, the worst thing to do when building a platform would be to look at all your viewers. Instead, its best to focus on a subset that you feel would be the best for you.

Angelica then opened a Instagram account and a large number of her TikTok followers followed her on Instagram too. On Instagram, she began conversing with her followers through stories and polls and identified her most loyal fanbase.

TikTok has a unique characteristic which is its cross-platform collaborative power. Angelica’s TikTok videos are mostly about how to use TikTok and Instagram. So if Angelica’s fanbase expands to an English-speaking audience, then all she has to do is to do a voiceover in English.

One tactic that Angelica uses is to look at her competitor’s videos and to analyse the comments on these videos. She then gathers this information and understands where her competitors are lacking and tries to avoid these errors in her videos. Angelica believes it is imperative to do some homework in order to excel.

Stephen Humphrey:

What I’d like to know is, well, you’ve got 95 and a half thousand and counting. I’m probably sure there are another 5,000 since we started. But who are these people that are following you? Who is your role? How do you profile, or do you know the profile of your audience? Who’s listening to you?

Angelica Siciliani Fendi:

Okay. So my audience is mainly actually Italians because I really saw the gap in the Italian market. So what I’m doing has been done and is being done in the US, in Canada, in UK as well, but there was nobody covering it in Italy.

Stephen Humphrey:


Angelica Siciliani Fendi: