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How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

Positioning (Career Planning), Prosperity (Success)|

How do you Stop Holding Yourself Back... In this post, I have been reflecting on a video from one of my favourite authors Simon Sinek. I have been in the game of education and consultancy for two decades and it is very clear, when parts of my career progressed very well and when parts became very stagnated. The [.....]

Using the TAPAS Model for creative marketing

Conversion (Content Marketing)|

The TAPAS Model - Refer to this when writing copy to avoid becoming irrelevant - Watch this podcast by Chris Kent, Lead Copywriter & Author This video podcast gives you in an insight into the TAPAS Model. Why not watch this podcast today to learn about how to identify your target audience all the way to the sequence you [.....]

10,000 hours to become an expert

Productivity, Prosperity (Success)|

Should you really spend 10,000 hours trying to become an expert - Watch this Podcast by Mike Baxter, Lead Consultant and Specialist Trainer In this video podcast, you will learn whether spending 10,000 hours to become an expert is beneficial for you or not. Why not explore the uses of this method TODAY to keep bettering yourself [.....]

Trello for project and personal management

Power Tools, Productivity|

Manage any sized team/task using a free project management tool - Watch this Podcast by David Edmundson-Bird, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing This video podcast takes you into a tool called Trello and shows you how it’s “a great tool to help manage any sized team/task”. Why not watch this podcast and introduce Trello to your team today? [.....]

Membership websites for marketing


Start generating a consistent and reliable stream of income using membership sites for marketing - Watch this podcast by Chris Kent, Lead Copywriter & Author This video podcast gives you in an insight into how to integrate membership websites into marketing. Membership websites offer huge scale up opportunities and lots of ways to create predictable revenue. Find [.....]

Search, Content and Copywriting Resources

Conversion (Content Marketing), Top Reading and Resources|

Best Search, Content and Copywriting resources - recommendations from Dr Dave Chaffey, Content Director & Leading Author. The challenge facing every Marketer right now is the overload of learning sources, all talking about different aspects of Digital Marketing. In this short four minute particle, Dr Dave Chaffey gives insight into the useful resources he uses to stay [.....]