Why investing in your marketing team is the best investment you can make – and seven ways to do it!

Any leader in any organisation with more than a dozen or so employees will need to make some difficult decisions, especially involving where they should invest time and resources.

Investing in your people can have wide-ranging and beneficial effects on your organisation.

Investing in your team pays off in so many ways

There are several key reasons why any forward-thinking company leader should actively invest in their staff, perhaps more than any other area.

Want to start investing in your staff?

Here are seven ways to invest in your team to improve their commitment and performance.

  1. Offer fulfilling roles with clear roles and responsibilities that align with business goals.
  2. Implement a buddy system, not just for new hires, but everyone looking at their next step up.
  3. Increase salaries if necessary to be competitive with your organisation’s direct counterparts. This is especially important in times of high cost of living.
  4. Genuinely improve your perks. Holidays and working from home in 2022 should be a given. Consider adding health insurance or other benefits. A survey of the top reasons why millennials look for new jobs highlighted the benefits. Consider getting creative by offering discounted car washes, childcare or public transport compensation.
  5. Make sure your employees have a comfortable workspace that is conducive to productivity – crucially both in the office or at home.
  6. Create a positive feedback culture by regularly asking for feedback and reporting back on changes suggested.
  7. Offer continuing professional development training and professional qualifications, like studying for Chartered Institute of Marketing courses with an accredited centre like MMC Learning. Even better, encourage several employees to start and study together!

Your products and services are important assets in your business, but your people bring it all to life and are the number one thing you should be investing in to maximise all the opportunities available to your organisation.

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