8 Reasons Why the New Year is the Best Time to Start a Marketing or Management Qualification

Ah the start of a new year, supposedly a time of reflection and new beginnings but lets face it, more often than not consisting of dragging yourself out of bed into the cold and wishing away the rest of those pesky long dark winter days before spring.

But it’s not all bad!

The beginning of a new year can also be the best time to tap into that feeling of ‘fresh start’ inspiration and get inspired yourself.

What will your new year’s resolution be? It can be tempting come January to set those elusive, intangible targets that you never quite seem to hit, like ‘be more productive’ or ‘ring Auntie Maureen…’. 

This year, why not make your new year’s resolution a solid plan which will yield tangible results and help you progress in your career by signing up to a Marketing or Management Qualification with MMC Learning.

With thousands of students heading back to primary and secondary school, sixth form college and university, we sometimes forget that for much of our lives, the new year was a time to get stuck into our academic studies in earnest- so why not now?

The new year is an excellent time to commit to making decisive change in your career and personal development.

MMC Learning is an all year round enrollment marketing training and accredited CIM and CMI study centre but we see the biggest intake in the new year because it taps into that feeling of new growth and acts as a springboard for those stuttering to meet their resolutions.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should take the leap and sign up to a course for the new year.