Is Digital Marketing Easy?

The following outtake, focused on breaking in to digital marketing is taken from a recent exclusive recording of an MMC Moments of Truth discussion between Stephanie Leigh-Rose, education and media director at MMC Learning and David Edmundson-Bird, who is an author, a principal lecture in digital marketing and thought leader.

In this extract, Stephanie and David talk about misconceptions surrounding the ease with which one can develop skills in digital marketing and the learning required to break in to the digital marketing world.

Watch the 3 min video below which will give you an amazing insight into the above question.

How easy is digital marketing?

Stephanie Leigh-Rose:

So David, one of the questions we have asked a lot is, is digital marketing easy?

David Edmundson-Bird:

Well, the short answer is no! I think sometimes you can be lured into a false sense of security, people say, “Oh, it’s really easy, we’ll show you how easy it is.”

And I think that’s a problem because there are a lot of things going on now in digital marketing and it’s actually a very complex environment to work in.

What do I need to do to become a good Digital Marketer?

There are a lot of variables to take into account, a lot of tools that you need to be aware of, a lot of techniques to get into. There are lots of different disciplines that you’ve got to be conscious of.

Now, I’m not for one moment suggesting that you try and become really good at everything.

You can’t be. You can’t be the best email marketer in the world and also the best search engine optimizer in the world.

Even within a narrow discipline like search marketing, there are people who will say, Well, you can be really good at organic SEO, but not at paid. So I think saying it’s easy is misleading.

It is challenging, but equally it’s certainly possible to know a lot about a lot of things and become a specialist in a couple of those things.

Is Digital Marketing difficult?

Interesting, and how would you advise people to go about that process of developing those skills and becoming better digital marketers?

David Edmundson-Bird:

I would say start a journey into that learning and start looking at those things that you find interesting.

You might have a real panache for content marketing, which has some philosophical underpinnings and principles that are unique to that as an idea.

Now that might lead you to think, “Well, I want to combine my understanding of content marketing with SEO.” Or it might be something you want to combine with your need to start understanding social media management.

Where you want to go can be governed by those initial ideas you have and over time allow you to become more accomplished.

What does it take to become a digital marketer?

I would say you’ve got to give it time. It takes time to become a seasoned professional. If you look at people who are some of the most advanced SEOs in their field, they’ve taken their time to get there.

They’ve spent a long time learning it. They’ve learned it through practice. It can’t come from just simply being taught it or reading about it.

It’s going to come from doing it. And that’s one of the things that I think is really unique about digital marketing is that it may not be easy, but only by doing it will you find out how it works and how to do it. It’s not about reading books! Get your hands dirty.

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