Seven ways to break into marketing and position yourself to secure your first marketing role

Rene Power, MMC Learning Marketing Director writes:

Marketing roles have an implicit glamour that make them an attractive and desirable career.

And more and more businesses are investing in marketing themselves, developing branded solutions that bring tangible balance sheet impact.

Just browsing the recruitment website Indeed, we can see there are currently listings in the UK for over 14,957 open roles. This is dwarfed by the 2.8m people with the word “marketing” in their headline/role on Linkedin. (Search results 21 July 2021).

So, if you’ve set your heart on a career in marketing, how do you make the best possible start?

As we’ve supported over 3,000 marketing professionals at a variety of levels over two decades, here’s a 7-point checklist to help you map out your route.

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