What are the core skills a modern Chief Marketing Officer needs to succeed? How can you become a better CMO?

As the role of the Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) has evolved from setting brand positioning to owning the entire customer experience, it is imperative that aspiring and existing CMOs act with clarity and confidence.

In this post learn what the core skills of a modern CMO should be and how to become a better CMO.

The role of the CMO has undergone a dizzying transformation in recent years to include not just management of creative and brand but every aspect of the customer experience), selecting the right technology stack, interpreting customer data and analytics, overseeing existing account growth and, ultimately, significantly impacting the bottom line.

The modern CMO has had to evolve and adapt more than ever before, asked to embrace change by learning how to integrate emerging technologies with traditional skills to bring value to their organisation.

CMOs are the ultimate customer representative, relating clear understanding of customer needs and their perspectives to the C-suite in a way that clearly directs strategy and execution.

And whereas the the traditional role of the CMO may have been rooted in more tactical activities – things like creating a marketing plan, setting the tone and the voice – the demands of the modern C-suite require CMOs to be able to understand and lead all aspects of customer experience in order to consistently scale revenue.

What are the five core skills essential for the modern CMO to succeed?

From our experience of working with a range of CMOs, there are five core skills essential for the modern CMO to succeed.