Why Spring is the best time of year to start a CIM Marketing Qualification course of study?

We’re already three months into a new year.

How are those new year resolutions, career plans or new business ideas progressing?

The first part of the year has gone fast and it may be that things have not moved forward as you’d like. Global events are moving fast and it’s easy to not push when there is so many pressure in the macro environment.

You have a few options:

  1. Shrug it off and blame external forces.
  2. Make a plan to re-commit to your goals but put it off to the summer or even later in the year, accepting that’s your dreams are on hold for another year.
  3. Re-commit to getting back on track quickly and make the most of the rest of the year.

Spring is an excellent time to re-commit to making decisive change in your career and personal development.

Here’s five reasons why you should take the leap now!

Bonus: Staying ahead of the competition

The act of starting a course changes your mindset, shows your commitment and can be used in critical salary, promotion or new job interview situations. It marks you out as a person of value and we see lots of students negotiating future advancements long before they get their certificate.

If you’re already minded to want to improve yourself and start studying, don’t procrastinate and wait until the summer, September or even January.

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NB: We’re an all year round enrolment marketing training and accredited CIM study centre but we see the biggest intake in the Spring because it taps into the blue skies, warm weather and new growth and acts as a springboard for those stuttering to meet their resolutions.

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