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5 ways to expand your digital marketing knowledge and mindset

In this series of new blog posts from MMC Learning, we’re exploring the main desires that drive career development in the marketing profession.

In previous posts, we discussed seven ways to break into marketing and position yourself to secure your first marketing role and 6 ways to dramatically improve your marketing career prospects.

In this post, we’re looking at the rising importance of digital marketing and how it is critical, not just for career marketers, but any business people, to recognise they need to skill up in order to add greater value in an increasingly online world.

Why is this important?

Digital literacy is going to be the defining skillset of the next decade.

We’ve already seen, with the explosion in cloud based technology and widespread accessibility to Internet access has fuelled device and software developments in just about every walk of life.

We’re interested in analysing and supporting the shifting educational needs of marketers but almost everyone in the world has been touched by digital technology.

If you can

  • Understand the creative aspects involved in building marketing assets that speak to customers’ needs
  • Stay up to date with latest developments so you at least know if they will benefit you and your customers AND
  • Can read, understand and make decisions using data

you will take significant steps ahead of your competition.

Here’s five ways to boost your digital marketing knowledge, curated from the team at MMC.