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How to improve the perception of Marketing in your business – and perception of you as a Pivotal Marketer

Essential advice for aspiring Marketing Managers and Directors

In one of our previous posts, we talked about The six key skills every modern marketer needs to master to be successful in 2022.

Many of the points we discuss including becoming more customer centric in your thinking and driving this agenda within your company, thinking strategically and getting more comfortable with data are actually all geared towards helping you elevate marketing, yourself and your team in the eyes of the decision makers in your organisation.

Organisations that are market-led – that are designed to service specific customer and stakeholder needs – traditionally achieve much greater success than those that don’t.

And it is the marketing professionals in an organisation that are responsible for educating and encouraging an organisation to embrace the benefits of being market-led.

However, in so many organisations, marketing remains under-represented at board level and many practitioners are often in junior and mid-level roles which means marketing is seen more tactically and as a support service to sales.

Consequently, it can be difficult to be seen, heard or valued.

We’ve heard during qualification discussion calls that some prospective students struggle to be heard and seen professionally and this can be a major stumbling block personally and professionally.

This can be especially tough to take in meeting situations where you don’t feel able to contribute because of your team role, the team you sit in or the dominance of other voices.

Question: What ways can an aspiring marketing manager or director seek to raise their voice within an organisation where marketing isn’t perhaps as valued as it could be?

Read below to access six tips curated from our expert team.