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How to protect your Marketing career against the threat of automation and AI

Developments in marketing software have taken place at a breathtaking rate, making many aspects of the marketing and creative function not just easier, but borderline obsolete.

The divergence into content by all specialists in the marketing field has meant many marketers now need to write the content that they’ve historically planned, delivered and assessed.

Why know that the rise of the T-shaped marketer has meant organisations in all sectors are increasingly looking for specialist marketers but with a broad marketing knowledge.

But several major developments have removed the mystique and skill required in some roles and replace it with machine learning. This means a number of aspects can be handled by AI technology.

Which roles might be at risk?

If you are a marketer who has built a career on the following types of skills, you want to follow the advice that follows in order to protect yourself and improve your chances of career longevity.