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How understanding what drives you can lead to a more rewarding life and lifestyle

In this series of new blog posts from MMC Learning, we’re exploring the main desires that drive career and life development, particularly in the marketing profession.

When it comes to marketing, we know that benefits trump features. Explaining how a product or service makes a difference is of far more benefit to customers than talking about its features.

And taking someone from where they are “now” to where they “want to be” is a critical part in the positioning and marketing for many, many businesses.

Indeed “what’s in it for me” drives many decisions made on a daily basis.

Using “Needs Models”

Two models that are often referenced when it comes to understanding human drivers for decision making are Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Tony Robbins Six Human Needs. Both can help you really understand your own motivations and behaviours.

Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs explains the move from basic human requirements linked to survival through growth to a truly developed sense of self. This explains why in developed cultures we have social and workplace stratification that is based on learning and development, meritocracy and recording and acknowledging achievement. More on Maslow here.

Robbin’s Six Human Needs (certainty, variety, significance, connection/love, growth, contribution) help us understand ourselves more deeply and understand what our primary drivers our in our relationships and communication or where we need to focus some effort. More on the six human needs and a free test here.

Both models are helpful as knowing what drives you in your own life, and then setting practical goals and action plans in place to move forward, is an incredibly powerful and enriching experience.

Because once you know what you want from your life and your lifestyle and what you don’t you can start to make it happen.

So, whether you want the family, the house, the cars, the holidays, the new job, the early retirement fund, the legacy, the charity and community work, being certain and then implementing a plan is the best way to achieve it.

Why studying gets you there better and faster

From our perspective the very best way is to match knowledge and application.

When you take on board new information with an open mind and apply it specifically to improve your current situation – with an idea of where it’s going to take you – that is truly transformative behaviour in action.

And studying with MMC Learning has transformed the lives of thousands of students over two decades. Check out student reviews here. 

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