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Power Tools – GT Metrix; a useful free online tool to analyse the performance of your website

This Particle of knowledge will show you how to analyse the way your website performs.

Use this tool to avoid a high number of bounces (0-10 sec sessions) in your website’s analytics reports.

About this Tool

Have you ever tried to go on a website and been put off by the amount of time it takes to load the page?

You wouldn’t want visitors to experience that on your website, would you?

What is GT Metrix?

  • Analyse and optimise your website,
  • Summarise your website’s performance down to an individual page level
  • Generate reports detailing page load times, page sizes, total number of user requests and performance comparisons,
  • Informative graphs and charts at disposal, based on the evaluated performance

At what point would you use GT Metrix?

  • To find out why people might be bouncing (a bounce is a session on your website that will last between 0 to 10 seconds)
  • If your site takes a while to load
  • If you’re unaware that you can save your images in a “use on the web” format to lower file sizes.
  • If you thought every website was the same size and didn’t carry “weights”
  • If you’ve never used GT Metrix or any source of performance report before, and you’d like to improve the site without altering aesthetics
GT Metrix Mind Map