In the life of an SEO Specialist Part 1 – What to look for when assessing a site’s effectiveness – Watch this Podcast by James Pybus

This video podcast takes you into what to look for when assessing the effectiveness of a site

Use some of these key ideas TODAY to help you improve the performance of your website to gain better results

About this Podcast

Looking at different ways to improve your website performance for your customers?

Do you know the basic skills required to make your website more aesthetically pleasing?

Slight changes to your awareness today will make a positive impact on your website performance and therefore, your results! This podcast goes into James’ quick tips to maximise the potential of your website.

Okay, so when a when a customer phrase comes to me, there’s 10 elements I tend to look at to see if I can help somebody.

There’s obviously no point in me, working for somebody if I don’t think I can make a significant difference to their website marketing.

So the first thing I look at is an overall website. I’m just looking here just to see if it’s a modern type site. If it’s looking really old and tired, I would tend to maybe suggest an update.

I’m looking at if there’s any calls to action on on the page at all. So, are they telephone numbers. What are they expecting people to do when they get to my website, or here, we can clearly say I’m a business owner, or I’m a virtual assistant? And I should mention that VIP VA have very kindly let me analyse their site live for you guys.

So the other thing that I’m looking at is, has it got contact information on so I can say see info at VIP I can see they’re using some social channels up the rest here.

It’s also obviously got some sort of back end system, you can register you can log in, you can also become an affiliate, if you want, which I’m assuming means that you can make some money by sending people to them.

Apart from that, the contact us page. And this is where I would tend to hope to see some sort of address on that. It’s just a trust issue I think.

So, telephone number, some sort of contact details and an address, would I think be beneficial on this particular site.

Go back to the homepage. The other thing that I will probably be checking at this stage is trying to identify what type of site, it is. So the next thing I would be doing is, I would be checking and viewing the source code.