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Power Tools – SEMRush; Search Marketing, keyword & competitor insights

About this tool

Search engines, such as Google and Bing, are predominantly the main source of traffic to your website. When a buyer searches the web for a product/ service that you offer, they are unlikely to type your company name into Google, unless they have purchased from you before or seen advertisements. If your company name is near the top of search results when they search for keywords such as ‘televisions’, ‘books’ or ‘kettles’, you will gain more leads.

SEMrush is a tool that will assist you in your SEO campaigns. It will allow you to gain insight into your competitors’ best keywords and expose detailed information relating to their advertising strategy. Be inspired with over 2 million keyword ideas at the click of a button, including those less competitive keywords. Generate detailed reports that include all of this information and so much more…

This is search engine optimisation tool should be used by any digital marketing team wishing to expand their online footprint.

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Introduction to the tool by Simon Swan

I am going to introduce you to SEMRush which is an analytics tool to help you better understand the performance of your website.

When you’re focusing on your search engine optimization activity or a paid search, it provides you with the insights that you might need to take to the next level on your SEO performance. There is a number of different tools and techniques that this platform provides. I’m going to run through with you some key areas that you might want to consider.

I’ll use my blog as an example, hopefully, you can take away some of these ideas and thoughts for your own site when you start to use this. So as a kickoff, I’ll put in my domain, my site is focused predominantly on digital marketing, my own personal views and thoughts.

And also it’s a diary of my time, uh, when I did a land’s end to Johnny growth cycle ride few years ago. So there’s, um, a mix-match, you’ve both fish to marketing and cycling, so it’s pretty a niche audience. Um, so what I’ve done here is I put the domain in, and this is going to provide me with a breakdown in current performance. So you can see here, um, the overv