Technology Review: Writesonic

The following review of Writesonic, a content writing tool which can produce AI generated blog content and copy for websites, is brought to you by MMC Learning.

Having utilised the technology for my own marketing efforts for MMC Learning, this review will attempt to ascertain Writesonic’s place within the world of marketing and whether it can be of help to other organisations and the marketers of the present and future.

Within this review I will introduce the technology and explain its various functions as well as its possible applications for various roles within the world of marketing. 

This review will also consider the advantages and disadvantages of the software and what other users have said about their experience with Writesonic as well as explaining my own experience of the product.

The review will compare the software to similar alternatives to gain an insight in to where it might differ and how it ranks in comparison.

Finally it will consider what the technology means for marketers right now in terms of its impact on the industry and their work and what it could mean for marketers in the future in terms of how the technology could develop and shape the marketing world of tomorrow, and who it might impact.


Writesonic is an AI writing tool available in more than 25 languages, which can produce SEO-optimized, long-form blog content of up to 1500 words for blogs in seconds. 

The technology works by getting the user to describe their topic in a minimum of 5 words and, if they choose, specifying a keyword the user wishes their blog post to rank for on Google (though this is optional).

Writesonic’s AI software has been trained to recognise what makes up copy from top brands and once the user hits ‘generate’, it will then convert the users prompt into a fully-fledged piece of content.

Once the content is generated, the user can also use writesonic’s AI-powered editing tools to enhance their content.

These include:

  • Paraphrasing tool- aka the paraphraser or re-wording tool, which allows you to rephrase any sentence paragraph or even entire article instantly. In this way, it can also be used as a sentence rewriter, paragraph rewriter and article rewriter.
  • Expander tool- which allows you to expand the length of and add the right level of depth to your content
  • Shortener- allowing you to cut down and make your writing more precise

Besides producing blog posts, there are a number of other templates and features in writesonic including:

Generators for content such as-

  • conversion optimised PPC (pay per click) ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. 
  • Social media content such as instagram captions, tweets, Linkedin posts, youtube titles, Facebook posts, and Quora answers.
  •  landing pages, emails, and product descriptions

Templates for documents, for example- 

  • Resumes
  • cover letters
  • resignation letters
  • Invoices
  • Memes
  • business plans
  • various other useful templates.

Writesonic provides integrations for popular publishing platforms such as WordPress, Wix and Shopify so that, once completed, users can easily publish their content to their website or social media platform.


There are many possible applications for Writesonic. The software contains AI programmes covering many areas of marketing which could make the software a useful tool for various marketing tasks which could stretch across a variety of job roles within the industry.

For writers-

As a writer for MMC Learning, I was able to use writesonic to produce several shorter blog pieces for our company blog page. 

If you’re a content marketer or copywriter, writesonics AI Writer can provide various uses as the technology can also be used to create longer-form blogs and in-depth articles for your own or your organisation’s website.

Writesonic’s ‘Sonic Editor’ (essentially an enhanced version of Google Docs) can be used to write sales emails, essays, reports, and even e-books for your company.

The AI can also be used as a re-writing and polishing tool for your writing if you make use of the inbuilt AI editing tools- the Paraphraser, Expander, and Shortener.

If you’re just feeling a little short of inspiration and need a few ideas to get you started, Writesonic can also help you by generating prompts for your writing as it also has an integration with Semrush which allows you to generate SEO-optimised blog ideas, blog introductions or blog outlines in order to help you write effective content.

For Ecommerce Stores-

If you work in Ecommerce, you could take advantage of the softwares various eCommerce tools and use Writesonic to improve your store’s Google ranking & potentially boost your sales. 

Writesonic has software for generating SEO-optimised titles, product descriptions, and benefit bullet points for products. Content appeals to search engine algorithms more if it is well-written and accurate, meaning this could help make the search engine more likely to place your products higher in the search results.

Writesonic’s integration with Semrush could also be used to help you to generate SEO-optimised blog ideas, based on the best matching keywords for your product so you can start to generate the best content to draw attention to your products.

Writesonic for Marketing Teams-

At MMC Learning we have found that Writesonic can be of great use if purchased and shared amongst a whole marketing team.

As explained, there are multiple uses for the software, meaning it could become a catch all solution for marketing teams consisting of various job roles.

We have been able to utilise Write-sonic for blogs, proof-reading and editing, email content and ads.

Most marketers will agree it can sometimes be difficult to write ad copy that creates conversions. Writesonics ad copy tools for Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms could be used to help to produce engaging copy for advertising campaigns.

In this way, Writesonic aims to boost companies conversions, increase CTRs, and reduce cost-per-click of paid advertising.

Writesonic promises that “Your brand will experience immediate results with these ad copy tools”.  

Writesonic also offers a Chrome extension which consists of AI-driven editing tools to generate content and improve existing content on Google docs, Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, and many other online platforms, meaning the software could be used easily by anyone no matter their role throughout a marketing team or organisation.

Writesonic for Entrepreneurs-

Entreprenuers could benefit from Writesonic in that it offers software to generate landing page copy with minimal input. It also claims to be able to help entrepreneurs generate new ideas for their startup by using the ‘growth ideas generator’ to get ideas to grow their business. 

Writesonic’s integration with Zapier also means that users can publish any content generated by writesonic to over 5000 different apps. This could be very useful for Entrepreneurs and small start up businesses who are looking to expand their reach and connect with wider audiences quickly.



There are certainly many potential advantages to businesses and marketing teams in using Writesonic.

  • It’s Faster- realistically a content marketer is only going to be able to produce a maximum of around four or five pieces of content in a working day, probably even less if they’re also responsible for producing email and social media copy. For businesses looking to expand quickly or simply maintain regular ad and email campaigns as well as a consistently updated blog, Writesonic could present an easy solution which allows them to generate multiple pieces of content almost instantly, freeing up staff time and resources for other tasks.
  • Cost effective- In the current economic climate where businesses are struggling to keep costs down, hiring multiple content writers or even one full-time content writer might simply be an unaffordable expense for some organsations. Writesonic could provide a much lower cost alternative to hiring an extra member of writing staff. While this could also be considered a disadvantage as some may argue it’s never a positive to replace a human being with technology, in times of difficulty, Writesonic could in fact be a solution which helps prevent businesses from failing completely thereby preventing many more job losses.
  • Better, more professional content – when relying entirely on content writers to produce and proofread copy, there is always room for human error. With writsonic not only can you be assured of accurately spelt generated content, the software can also be used to spell-check and edit any of your own content you produce. Content written by writesonic is also likely to be more clear, concise and professional sounding than that written by human beings as the AI learns from sampling the content of multiple brands and recognising the most effective and well-written content to emulate.
  • Catch all/ multiple uses- As previously mentioned, Writesonic has the benefit of offering multiple uses, covering almost every conceivable content marketing activity needed in a business. This makes it a good investment as it could potentially serve as the only software needed to support a businesses content marketing efforts and be of use across a whole marketing team, rather than over complicating matters with multiple different softwares each serving a different function and requiring staff training.
  • No plagerism/ copyright claims – Unlike human content writers who may be tempted to resort to the odd bit of copying and pasting and slight re-writing, Writesonic’s AI is trained on billions of parameters (almost 10% of the internet). This means that the AI has learned most of the nuances of grammar, spelling, and style and is able to generate completely original content. 99% of the time, the content generated by Writesonic is completely unique and plagiarism free.
  • The AI gets to know you – Writesonic might not immediately produce content in exactly the style you want or pick up on exactly the right details you need to include in your copy, however, the AI is designed so that it remembers your previous instructions and preferences and learns each time you use it. Whilst utlising Writesonic, I discovered that If you edit the copy it has produced within the Writesonic application itself to be more to your liking, the software will then remember your edits and attempt to generate copy which is more closely within those perameters next time.
  • Writesonic can generate images too – If you’ve ever struggled with the time consuming task of sourcing pictures or creating graphics to accompany your content, Writesonic’s Free AI Art Generator (Photosonic) is able to turn text prompts into pictures and graphics. You can just enter a prompt and Photosonic will generate a matching image based on your description.
  • At just $12.67 a month (around 10 British pounds) Writesonic makes for a relatively cheap expenditure considering everything that’s included


  • Issues with relevancy and accuracy – When utlising Writesonic for my own blog writing efforts, I found that despite being highly advanced for an AI writing software of its kind and being capable of learning, Writesonic was not always able to produce specific enough content based on my prompts and I ended up having to do a lot of my own re-writing. When producing content on highly specialised and in depth topics, it seemed the AI was not yet quite intelligent enough to be able to produce detailed, accurate copy on a highly specific subject. Similarly when attempting to use the software to combine or link topics and talk about multiple related subjects within the same blog post, a common occurrence in blog posts, this appeared to be as yet beyond the softwares capabilities, at least on a high-enough level to be utilised, though it did show some promise of learning and improving its capabilities in this area.
  • Clunky/ grammatically incorrect content, while much of the content generated by Writesonic was impressive and incredibly well-written for AI software, there were some issues with clunky sounding or grammatically incorrect language. Similarly to how spell check on Word sometimes insists that a sentence is grammatically incorrect when you know its suggestion is wrong; some of the language in the AI generated copy from writesonic sounded slightly jarring and clunky and required a re-write to give it that human touch. After all, an AI will not always express things in the way a human being would. This can sometimes incur time spent on re-writing so that the generated copy does not immediately sound like it has been AI produced.
  • Still requires checking and proof-reading- As proven by an incident my boss told me about wherein a piece of copy on how to manage a team he had produced using AI software contained a section claiming that disciplining staff by beating them could be an effective method, unfortunately AI software like Writesonic still cannot be trusted to produce clean copy to hit publish on without a careful read through. The possible extra time needed to proof-read and edit Writesonic generated copy may actually make it a less appealing option.
  • At around £10 a month Writesonic is not a huge expenditure, but it is nevertheless an expenditure which across the course of a year could add up significantly for an individual or business. It’s important to note that technology like Writesonic still needs to be operated, it is unlikely a company would be able to use the technology to replace a content writing team completely since, as mentioned previously, you would still need to get someone to proofread and edit the copy, so in this sense, purchasing Writesonic is unlikely to save a company significant expenditure in the long run, in fact it may increase it. The fee is also higher than some other AI writer alternatives.
  • There are some functions of witesonic which may not be as useful to a marketing team, for example the email generator and social media post generator. Many companies will already have saved templates for such campaigns which they can easily reuse and tweak accordingly. Utillising Writesonic for such shorter pieces of writing may actually just be more time consuming than coming up with it yourself.
  • Ease of use – while operating the writesonic software was for the most part fairly self-explanatory, occ