Interpret your customers’ pathways and understand what makes them CONVERT – Watch this podcast by Dave Chaffey, Lead Digital Strategist

This short video podcast will explore the third element of the RACE marketing planning framework: CONVERT. Develop the top skills required to convert your customers.

Why not use some of these ideas TODAY to get your customers through your marketing funnel?

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Converting your Customers Mind Map

What and where conversion happens is very different for different types of businesses.

Customer journey analysis

It’s most straightforward if it’s a retailer and you’re able to convert your audience online. But even with retailers, very often, you’ll have multi-channel retailers where they’ve got in store, as well.

So the first thing to do in terms of conversion, and in terms of a skillset, is to be able to understand the customer pathways.

Customer journey analysis is a really good technique, so that once you understand your audiences, and what triggers them to buy, you can increase conversion rates. Just like with the ACT stage (of RACE model), it’s important to learn about AB testing, or split testing, where we can look at testing different parts of the customer journey so that we can boost conversion to purchase.

I’d say it’s not just about the online journey, though; very often we have human interactions, which help people buy, as well. If you think of… Like with telecoms, very often you’ll have a live chat where you can talk to someone on the web, or you can pick up the phone, you can do a callback, so there’s these different forms of channel switching that we need to try and facilitate so that the customer has choice to talk to whoever they need, or to use the websites for self-service to answer their questions.

So again, start with the customer, and look at their preferences for learning more to help them along the path to purchase.

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