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Making your marketing content more meaningful to customers (storytelling and more)

This outtake focused on content marketing strategy – focusing on content models, storytelling and offering some great examples and is taken from an hour of discussion recorded exclusively for our Pivotal Marketer Community on Facebook sees Geraint Holliman, marketing consultant, MSc in Digital Marketing trainer and published author and MMC’s Rene Power.

It’s the fifth part of a series of serialisations on content marketing strategy and implementation.

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Rene Power:

Couple of references then, you mentioned Youtility from Jay Baer. I think there’s another couple of good content books. I think one is They Ask You Answer by a chap called Marcus Sheridan

They Ask, You Answer

I think the concept has got some interest, I think. So looking to produce content that actually answers questions.

So back in the day, people would put frequently asked questions on websites and then we kind of stopped doing it. But actually, in this era of self-selection and warming people up, so that when we get inquiries, they are good inquiries.

They’re not going to necessarily kind of waste our time and mean that we’re making loads of quotes and proposals and we’re in a race to the bottom on price. So all these sorts of things can help I think. There’s some interesting things in his approach.

Building a Story Brand

But then my favourite at the moment is Donald Miller, Build a Story Brand because I just love the idea of putting the customer at the heart of the story. The customer is the hero in whatever they’re trying to achieve, wherever they want to get to, whatever transformation they want to make in their business.

And you are going to be the guide or the conduit to help them get what they want. And there’s a great seven step process in Build a StoryBrand, where you can actually build a plan and a narrative that informs your content and how to communicate to the people that you want to influence most.

Storytelling in marketing

Geraint Holliman:

Well, it’s interesting you talking about stories actually, because that’s the other thing that I’m very interested in from a science point, from a neurology, and psychological, and behavioural point of view, is how stories actually work and the science behind it.

Because there is an absolute tonne of evidence. I mean, stories are the most underrated and underutilised tool in marketing, in my view, because there’s so much empirical evidence for it. And it’s based on some very, very good science. And in fact, I’ll just… You were talking about that book there. This is the book that I always refer to, which is Story Proof by Kendall haven.

So he’s a NASA scientist educator who basically thought that all the stuff that NASA was pumping out was a bit dry, and a bit sciencey, and a bit kind of dull, and school kids weren’t engaging with it. And he said, if we turned all this kind of really interesting stuff into stories, I’m sure people will consume it better.

Than NASA went, “