Know your audience by using a thumbnail description of your ideal consumers – Watch this podcast by Dave Chaffey, Lead Digital Strategist

In this video podcast, learn how to develop the best representations of your ideal consumer and the benefits/limitations of developing personas.

Why not explore the uses of personas TODAY to better understand your customers?

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Personas Mind Map

Personas are a great concept because at their simplest they are just a thumbnail description of your audience that you can have a shared or understanding in an organisation or with the agency of who you’re targeting and what the key messages are.

Often, the limitation with personas is that it’s just a summary of someone’s demographics. So gender, age, for example. Where they’re located, perhaps. Where personas, well, what they need to be effective is you need some solid research so you understand, you really get inside the minds of your audience.

So you understand their pain points, what will trigger them to buy.

How they behave when they’re searching for products when they’re showing intent.

So for example, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to see the search phrases that people use to find new products and services.

I think the skills here are really around understanding the customer and asking the right questions and as well as traditional surveys and interviews. There’s a lot of really exciting, interactive tools we can use online as well, to understand more about the audience.

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