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The top 3 books every Marketer should read, recommended by Mike Baxter, Author, Lead Consultant and Specialist Trainer

In terms of practicalities, my particular take on the books that really do it for me is the ones that give me a very structured, clear, but structured understanding of really, really complex issues.


So Richard Rumelt “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy” is pretty genius in this kind of way. It takes the whole concept of strategy and it just makes it accessible. There are a whole bunch that take me on journeys that I perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily go on and tell me about things that I ought to know about that I might miss out on.


Danny Kahneman “Thinking Fast and Slow” all about behavioural economics, anybody who’s anything to do with customer experience needs to know about behavioural economics. It is I think marketing sales and customer support one on one. If you don’t understand behavioural economics, you are underserving your customers. Danny Kahneman’s book is not the easiest to access, so you gotta be pretty enthusiastic to make your way right through it. But there are lots of others in the behavioural economics kind of library shelf that you could go for.


I am reading Talebs “Black Swan” right now, which if you’re a numbers person will blow your mind completely and make you question whether you really want to stay being a numbers person.

The top 3 books every Digital Marketer should be reading right now Mind Map