Start using a more data driven approach to measure customer ENGAGEMENT – Watch this podcast by Dave Chaffey, Lead Digital Strategist

This video podcast takes you into the fourth element of the RACE planning framework: ENGAGE. Find out what channels are available to engage with your customers and how it can be measured.

Why not use some of these key ideas TODAY to get a better understanding of your Customer On-Boarding Process?

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Engagement Mind Map

With our Race framework, we had identified Engage. And this is long-term customer engagement once someone has bought from a business, because as you rightly say, it’s often neglected as businesses work on filling the funnel and nurturing leads.

So with Engage, as with a lot of the techniques, it’s data driven, but here in particular, it’s based on customer research of customer satisfaction.

And whether customers will recommend. So using techniques like Net Promoter score to assess the experience of purchase and then using the products.

Engagement equals satisfaction

So a key skill here is to understand customer onboarding and review satisfaction. And then what are the loyalty drivers which will encourage people to buy again and again.

I think the other aspect of Engage is looking at the communications channels that are particularly effective for reaching out to existing customers, encouraging them to buy again, or to act as advocates.

So the two key channels there within Race, other than the website itself, is those are email and social media. So we look quite a lot at how you can use marketing automation to encourage people to keep engaged with a brand. And offer reminders to get them to buy more through time.

And of course there are media options there as well. Many of the platforms now, like Facebook and LinkedIn and Google, allow you to use your customers for remarketing. You can upload a list of relevant customers. And then when those audiences are using the big platforms, you can reach out and interact with them there.

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