Digital & Content Marketing Success Story

Interview with Angelica (watch video part III)
From ZERO to 90k followers in 3 months – ATTRACT and ENGAGE in 15 seconds

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Nowadays, it seems as though social media success is evaluated from the follower count. However, should not be the basis to judge social media success. Social media influencers should not focus on wanting more followers – instead, they should prioritise on giving their existing followers what they want. You must give them a reason to keep on following you!

Angelica discusses her social media story and states that she never intended on becoming and influencer. She also states that she is different from other influencers since she does not show her personal life; she describes her accounts as a ‘teaching’ account.

Behavioural marketing is the study of serving targeted content based on the audience’s behaviours. Angelica has found that making tiny changes can have a profound influence on the outcome of the video. Seemingly little things may impact the video hugely such as phraseology, camera angles, or lighting etc. Angelica’s audience, whilst enjoyed her content, also liked the way the content was presented.

Every TikTok guru will advise that the two most important things on TikTok is the quality of the video and the way the video is edited. Ring lights are a useful accessories to purchase when pursuing the path is TikTok and familiarising yourself with video editing techniques and software programs will help greatly with producing high-quality videos.

With TikTok, video length is on average 15 seconds. The TikTok users are prone to swiping away from your video if you do not grab their attention within the first few seconds. So, the first couple of seconds are vital to hook the viewer.

Many details must be considered before uploading a video. Angelica states that she can often identify why TikTok users are not getting many views and she states it is due to neglecting the quality of the video – the video may be dark or dull or too quiet etc.

Angelica advises to spend a few days learning about the TikTok platform. Look into the way it works, look at comments under other videos, look at which videos are becoming viral etc.

Organisation is also key. Angelica started off doing videos daily without any organisation. She felt like she had to create content to keep her channel momentum going. The quality and quantity balance was hard to perfect. She found the initial stages quite stressful but then found a working technique.

She now does research on Saturday and then films multiple videos on Sunday. Then throughout the week, she releases her videos as she sees fit.

TikTok has challenges that are released so it is best to try to complete these challenges. The challenges vary from dances or songs or an audio. Try to incorporate this content into your videos to drive your channel. It is always good to use viral songs as a background to your videos as these generate the most views. Everything can change from one challenge so it is good to always keep up to date with the trends and changes to stay relevant.

Stephen Humphrey:

What are you trying to achieve then? Angelica? What’s your goal? What’s your goal there? What’s your short term? Medium term, long term goals.

Angelica Siciliani Fendi:

My TikTok or non-TikTok related?

Stephen Humphrey:

Oh, sorry. I beg your pardon. Well, let’s interesting in TikTok first and then maybe explore some of your wider goals as an individual later. Yeah. Great. Thank you.

Angelica Siciliani Fendi:

To be fair, I never wanted to be an influencer. This is not my goal. I don’t want to, I don’t show my life. I don’t show it. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I just don’t think it’s a good thing at this stage for me. Maybe later in life. Right now I don’t really want to show, I don’t show my friends. I don’t show my personal life. I don’t show where I am. I just literally do what I do and I try to make it as appealing as possible. This is definitely not what my goal is. I started thinking like, what else is it? Right. I wanted to basically teach people to do what I did. Teach people too. The main reques