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Key Information Points

Unit 501 – Principles of Operational Leadership and Management in an Organisational Context

Being equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to manage and lead in a variety of organisational settings is essential if an individual and their organisation are to succeed. This unit has been designed for learners who want to develop or sharpen their professional edge and enhance personal effectiveness.

Learners will evaluate the impact of an organisation’s structure and governance on management and leadership.

They will explore theoretical models, management and leadership styles and approaches designed to promote a culture of mutual trust, respect and support.

The module should be studied over a period of 8-12 weeks. Approximately three hours per week can be spent at your own pace, at your convenience. You should invest furher time completing your assessment.

The unit is assessed by a written assignment (3500-4000 words).  We will provide guidance through live/recorded webinars and one-to-one support from our experienced tutors. The assessments are work-based to provide maximum value to both your time spent and your role within your workplace.

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  • Increase your knowledge on Management and Leadership techniques

  • Increase your employment opportunities with a professional qualification

  • Learn how to apply the knowledge through a work-based assessment

  • Gain clarity and confidence for future roles

  • Learn the language to communicate effectively to senior management

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to progress in real life situations


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