[mmc_content title=”What are the topics covered on this course?” textalign=”left” image=”/wp-content/themes/jigsaw/custom/jigsaw-themes/mmclearning/images/marketing-word-cloud.jpg” class=”box-dark”]This qualification is ideal for marketers who are concerned with managing the marketing process at an operational level, as well as those who are looking to build on the knowledge gained at Professional Certificate level with a future marketing management role in mind.

The content of the course has been put together following consultation with employers to ensure that they gain relevant competencies for various stages of their marketing career.

  • Unit 1 – Marketing Planning Process
  • Unit 2 – Delivering Customer Value through Marketing
  • Unit 3 – Managing Marketing
  • Unit 4 – Project Management in Marketing
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The course can take from 9 to 18 months depending on how much time you dedicate to studying each week. There is some flexibility built into your schedule so you can work around urgent work priorities, holidays and important family events.


  • Unit 1 – Marketing Planning Process (assignment)
  • Unit 2 – Delivering Customer Value through Marketing (case study exam)
  • Unit 3 – Managing Marketing (assignment)
  • Unit 4 – Project Management in Marketing (assignment)


[mmc_content title=”How is the course delivered?” textalign=”left” bgcolor=”1f395b” image=”/wp-content/themes/jigsaw/custom/jigsaw-themes/mmclearning/images/digital-hand-globe.jpg” class=”box-dark”]
  1. Video lessons with Marketing tutors and lecturers
  2. Knowledge bank of in-depth ebooks covering a wide range of topics
  3. Access Digital Marketing templates to help you with your day to day job
  4. Watch video seminars with Industry leaders from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more
  5. Live webinars and video tutorials with practical insights into implementing digital campaigns
  6. Playback recorded sessions with experienced tutors giving you essential help & guidance with your assessments
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A powerful accreditation under your belt

MMC is a leading distance learning centre for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) which means you will get an offical recognised CIM certificate which provides market and employer credibility.

Join lots of professional who have already jumped forward

Lots of marketing professionals, managers and directors have been able to take their learning/qualification to progress into new roles, gain new contracts and re-look how exising business can be done better through Marketing and Digital eyes.

Taking you much further

At MMC Learning, we have gone much further than providing you with a qualification – we are bringing 10 times more learning content and insights from UK experts and industry leaders to give you the weapons of influence you need to make a real impact in your sector.[/mmc_content]

[mmc_content title=”What is the cost?” textalign=”left” image=”/wp-content/themes/jigsaw/custom/jigsaw-themes/mmclearning/images/mmc-content-blank.png” class=”box-dark”]There are three parts to the cost of this qualification:

  1. Access to online video e-learning lessons, resources, live webinars and tutor support (from £987*).
  2. Membership and Assessment fees payable to the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
  3. Course text books available to purchase from the CIM Book shop.

* There are special monthly payment options to help individuals who are funding this course out of their own pocket.[/mmc_content]