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Is marketing a good career option in 2023?

The marketing industry has undergone a significant change over the last couple of years due to the covid pandemic and more recently the cost of living crisis meaning consumers are less willing to part with hard earned cash. Brands have had to explore new marketing strategies to engage and keep customers. Because of this, 2022 saw an increase in the use of innovative new technologies and digital platforms changing the way that businesses approach marketing strategies. In the current economy, there has never been a better time to become a digital marketer, with countless opportunities opening up to both experienced or aspiring marketers. 

A career in marketing can be an excellent career choice for those looking to break into an exciting and evolving industry. If you consider yourself to be an ambitious and creative strategic thinker, marketing could be the role for you. You’ll need good communication and analytical skills, but many entry level marketing jobs won’t require any formal qualifications and there are no limits to what you could achieve in this diverse field.

Are marketing skills in demand?

Marketing skills are currently greatly in demand. Organisations are investing more and more money into hiring skilled marketers as the need for effective marketing campaigns which win over audiences increases thereby increasing the need for skilled marketing professionals. 

In marketing, digital roles are among the fastest-growing, with social media expertise, email marketing and SEO proficiency being in high demand.

Digital marketing spending in 2022 increased by around 29% on average, according to a survey of UK marketers.

Is marketing a fun job?

Not only is it a field with growing opportunities but marketing can also be a very fun job, in fact it can be whatever you make it. 

Almost every industry is investing in marketing, particularly digital marketing. Therefore, with the high demand, with the right training and skill set proving you’re an indispensable asset, you’ll be able to be choosy about what marketing job you want and work in a field that specifically interests you. You might be interested in the arts or fashion or technology. Pretty much every organisation everywhere needs marketers who can elevate the brand to new heights.

If you’re a creative person, don’t run away with the idea marketing isn’t for you because it’s all figures and data analysis. In fact, marketing is actually an extremely creative industry, more so even than others. There’s plenty of elements of marketing that specifically need creatives such as copy-writing, graphic design and video production.

Organisations need innovative, imaginative people on their marketing team and in such a varied environment there will always be room for original creative thought and contributions to come up with new ways of marketing products, solving problems, and engaging audiences.

The past few years have taught us that marketers actually need to be creative to adapt to the changing marketing world and keep up with customers’ changing expectations. Creativity is more sought after than ever amongst employers and unconventional thought and ideas are encouraged, and can actually put you one step ahead of competitors.