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We have built over 500 mini video lessons covering 60 different topics.

This PDF shows the topics covered.


Videos Lessons

Lessons: Customer Journey and Media Channels

Presenters: Dr Dave Chaffey, leading UK author and global expert

Lessons: Digital Marketing Trends and Market Insights

Presenters: Stephen Humphrey and Mike Berry

Lessons: Introduction to the SEO Periodic Table

Presenters: Stephen Humphrey and David Edmundson-Bird

Lessons: Understanding the Digital Customer

Presenters: Allie Johns and Mike Baxter

Lessons: Adapting the Marketing Mix

Presenters: Stephen Humphrey and Veronica Swindale

Lessons: Emotion and Brand Activation

Presenters: Kelly Carey and Dr Ian Grimes

Lessons: Digital Planning (Situation Analysis)

Presenters: Professor Mike Berry